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Pirate Unit Study Pirate Games (Which One Will You Play First?!)

Play some Pirate Games today!

Pirates . . boys seem to really love pirates.  I remember when we went through a pirate phase and it was all pirates all the time.

Today we are starting a new unit study which we really like to do.

This one is a pirate unit study and because I really like learning through play, we are starting with pirate games.

Packed with all types of pirate games (both online and offline) this pirate unit study will grab their interest. It will get them interested in learning more about pirates, that is for sure. Don't miss the section on games that pirates played - it is awesome.

This post may contain affiliate links which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are our own and we share things we think would be of interest to boys.

Pirate Unit Study

There are a lot of neat pirate games shared here that are a loads of fun and have a learning twist to them as well.

Each of these games offers a fun way for boys to learn.  There are games for math, language, map skills and more.

I think your boys will enjoy these pirate games me matey.  And if they don’t they can go walk the plank (a little pirate humor there–just kidding!)

Pirate Games Offline:

Did pirates play games?  That was one of the questions we were trying to find an answer for.

Generally it is thought that pirates did play card and dice games but not too many other details are available.

We read quite a few times that pirates were not allowed to gamble on board the ship because gambling led to fighting. Others say they did play on board.

It is likely that the games they played would be similar to something like Liar’s Dice.

There are many variations of liar’s dice and it is also called bluff, deception dice, call my bluff, perudo, and other names. I pulled a few instructions here for you.

Do a bit of research and see what you think about pirates and gaming.

Liar’s Dice Game Variations

Liar's DiceLiar’s Dice


You can buy this beautiful set of the game Liar’s Dice with real wood box and decorative dice cups.

Or grab a set of dice and some cups and play with those instead.

Here are a few different sites that offer directions.

Wikihow Liars Dice
Instructables Liar Dice


Another style of game that pirates may have played is with cards.  It is similar to blackjack. Here is a link to directions for two card games One and Thirty and Bone Ace.

Pirate Games Online:

Arrgh is a fun math game.  You or your boy can set the specific number to work on.  After the level is over you raise the flag and go to the next level.  As you go along you answer math equations and also need to jump over dirt and avoid crabs.  Available in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Treasure Hunt is an easy 3 level find the pirate treasure game. Use your arrow keys to move following the directions to get to the treasure.

Shot Shot Pirate is a free online game in which you shoot your cannon to knock a gem off its block holder.  The games changes as you go along adding different cannon balls and different block.  It is a fun puzzle and physics game.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates from Disney Jr has some games to play as well.  Jake’s Pirate Marble Raceway is a cute marble run game in which you need to rotate or put the right piece in place for the marble run to work.

Play Greedy Pirate for some puzzle and physics fun.  Your goal is to get the coin in the treasure chest.  Some of the puzzles are hard and they do include a walkthrough if you get stuck.  Fun for you and your boy to play together.

Pirate Learning Games! We are starting a big unit study on pirates starting with fun pirate games.

Here are a few other neat pirate games to play.

You are going to enjoy these pirate card games and pirate dice games!

I really like the style of this one with the whole bones look to it! (not pictured – click link to see it)

If you are not familiar with Loot you should give it a try. It is a top pirate card game that has great reviews.

Pirate Farkel Roll These Bones Dice Game is Farkel (which we have and really enjoy) pirate style.

Our last choice is Pirate Fluxx. Fluxx is a fun, ever-changing and a bit crazy type of card game. They switched things up to make different topic games and we got lucky that they did a pirate version.

LootLootLegendary Games Pirate Farkel Roll These Bones Dice GameLegendary Games Pirate Farkel Roll These Bones Dice GamePirate FluxxPirate Fluxx
A whole lot of pirate games fun going on!

Pirate Games and Puzzle Printables:

Crossword, maze, Sudoku, word scramble and word search

Famous Pirate ships word search

Pirate Weapons word search

Pirate Vocabulary crossword puzzle

What will you learn while playing just a few of these pirate games?

Try a word search and it will send you looking up what different pirate words mean, try one of the online games and learn about coordinates, math and/or get in a bit of physics, play liar’s dice, research pirate games and so on.

If you liked this pirate unit study on pirate games, you may also want to check out our other ones:

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Thanks for visiting.  What pirate game do you think you and your kids will try first?


Monday 25th of August 2014

Wonderful resources - and I like the way you plan to organise the information too as I think it will be easier for us to find it when we need some inspiration!


Wednesday 27th of August 2014

Hi Clare Thanks for the comment. I am glad to hear this new way of organizing the posts will make things easier. That is what I am hoping :)


Thursday 21st of August 2014

Pirate battles are a constant in our home! I didn't know there were so many wonderful online pirate games. And I'm excited about finding the Pirate Farkel! Thank you for so many great games, Sheila.


Friday 22nd of August 2014

Hi Marie, I was excited to see a lot of good games as well. My son knew about some of them but we dug around and found the others. A lot of fun! You are most welcome.


Wednesday 20th of August 2014

We love pirates at our house, I can't wait ti dive in with some of these ideas. With school starting soon, I think a pirate week or two might be just the ticket to wind down our summer.


Friday 22nd of August 2014

Hi Alli, Hope you found a few good ones for your son.