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Read and Play with Book Sensory Bins

Today’s article is being brought to you for a very special reason. A fellow blogger, Jill from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom has some health issues that are not allowing her to work on her website for quite some time to come.

Samantha from Stir the Wonder kindly put together a blog hop to allow other bloggers to try to help Jill by sending people to her site.

I am happy to be participating and know you will find a lot to love over on Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. It is a wonderful site for homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike.

Today I am bringing you a selection of sensory bins. The sensory bins I chose for you are all tied in with books. I know you all love books and you will really enjoy these book sensory bins.

Combine books with sensory bins for a fun reading and open-ended play experience. Dinosaurs, construction, space, ocean, nature bins and more.Try these sensory bins and book combos with your kids. They will love them.

Book Sensory Bins

Mousetronaut is perfect for space fans. The book was actually written by an astronaut and I think kids will really like that.  The bin is also a game that has space questions for the kids to answer. Grab your space gear for an out of this world experience.

The oh-so-popular book Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site is up next. If you have not seen this book yet and you have a construction fan you simply need to get it.  Pair it with this construction vehicle sensory bin and your kids will ask for this again and again.

If you have a child who really likes insects this ant bin will be a hit. Using the book Are You An Ant, this is a nice way to study the ant life cycle through play.

You certainly can’t go wrong with Curious George! He is such a silly monkey. I’m sure you are wondering what he has gotten himself into this time – well, it is all about dinosaurs. Check out the book Dinosaur Discovery and the matching bin for some prehistoric play.

How I missed the cuteness of the Octonauts I will never know. I suppose my boy was older when they came out and they just slipped under my radar. Octonauts are underwater explorers and your kids can be explorers as well with this bin. Water bins are some of my favorites. This one is very neat with a bit of color in the water which makes it look very inviting.

I shouldn’t play favorites but I am going to! I love this book. Really, really love it. The Salamander Room is one that we have explored again and again. So happy that Jill has this unique bin on her site so you can experience the book and some hands-on play as well. This is my favorite bin of them all. Very cool indeed.

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Find wonderful book sensory bins in this blog hop for Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.







Be sure to visit all the bloggers who are putting together posts to help Jill:

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