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Disclosure Policy

Brain Power Family publishes high quality content about smart ideas for living your best life with your family.

I provide this (hopefully awesome!) information so that you can use these resources to make a difference for your family and for yourself. Living life your way and being able to make smart choices that lead you to freedom to live the life you want is the goal.

I only select information that fits this site and its goals.  All content and any guest posts are hand-selected and must meet the strict guidelines of Brain Power Family.

I am an affiliate with different companies and networks (such as Share-a-Sale, CJ, FlexOffers, Awin, Amazon etc) (Brain Power Family is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

I do this so that I can continue to keep this website up and running.  Websites have a lot of expenses such as domain name, website hosting, technology, website maintenance, graphics and images purchases, supplies, office equipment, camera and video equipment and much more — believe me! Being an affiliate and allowing advertising on the site helps to pay for the expenses the site incurs.

I may receive compensation if you click, buy something or shop through one of the offers on the site.  I am paid if an ad is located on this site and either viewed or clicked on depending on the ad arrangement.

I do not do the type of sponsored posts which are completely pre-written posts that a company pays to have inserted into a site—nope not happening.

I do work with sponsors if they allow me to share my honest opinion and write the post in a way that fits my guidelines and my site and if it will benefit you, the reader. The views and opinions expressed on Brain Power Family are solely my own and they cannot be bought (just to be extra clear.)

I may get samples of products, books, software, event tickets, apps and so on to facilitate a review.  Getting these items does not influence my opinion nor does it mean we will put it on Brain Power Family.

I am all about honestly (100%) and will never recommend a product that I don’t like or that I don’t believe fits with the goals of Brain Power Family.

If a company approaches me and I don’t think you, kind reader, will benefit from the product or information, it will not be put on the site—period—end of story.

I only provide links for products that will help your kids learn, are interesting and unique or that will bring you smart ideas. Of course this is subjective and certain products will be great for some and not so great for others.  Each family is different and I would suggest you use your judgment to select what will work for you.

You know your family better than anyone; don’t buy something just because I have a link for it, buy something because you or your family will love it.

I sometimes link to things that we don’t get an affiliate fee for because they might be of interest to you.  While we may make money on Brain Power Family that is not our main purpose for writing the website (remember I told you I love to help!)  If you go to one of these links that I provide as a convenience, please know that I am not responsible for the content or links on those sites. (see link to terms of use below)

To comply with federal regulations Brain Power Family will disclose when I will receive compensation if you participate in an offer.  By using this site you agree to the terms of use.  If you do not agree, well, that is fine but then don’t use the site— makes sense, right?!

Basically, you have my word that I will never promote something in a post that I think is total junk, not worth the money, or not helpful.

Your trust in me is much more important than money and it always will be.