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Ultimate Guide to Boys’ Learning

Brain Power Boy is all about raising boys who love to learn. What does that mean exactly? We want to supply you with the best information on boys’ learning and provide great resources so your boys can really enjoy learning.

We really want to help you raise boys who:

  • Know the joys of learning
  • Love to find out about things that are interesting to them
  • Enjoy reading and researching
  • Like being creative
  • Always want to know more
  • Are curious
  • Follow their passions
  • Love to learn

Lifelong learning is our goal for boys. We do not want them to think that learning only happens in school, or worse yet, that you stop learning when you are not in a school building. We take a different approach and focus on learning as opposed to teaching.

How can we, as mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers, guardians, aunts, and uncles, help?

  • We can provide them with the information they need to know.
  • We can give them gifts and experiences that help them to follow their passions.
  • We can stand aside and let them learn in the way that works best for them.

There is so much that we can do to help boys with their learning lives and that is what we want to present here.

We want this to be the place you come to find fun learning things for your boys to do. We want to be your Ultimate Guide to Boys Learning.

The Ultimate Guide to Raising Boys Who Love to Learn | Brain Power Boy

Boys’ Learning Resources

Reading and Learning

Why You Need to Stop Limiting Boys Reading Choices

Benefits of Wordless Picture Books

The Five Finger Rule and Why it is Bad for Boys

What to do if Your Boy Hates Reading

Top 5 Reasons for Getting Boys Hooked on Book Series


Boys Learning and Summer Slide

10 Ways to Support Your Boys Learning This Summer (or any time)

Learning Styles

Boys’ Learning Styles (links to info on each learning style)

Learning Styles Writing Tips for Boys

Play and Boys’ Learning Styles

The Philosophy of Learning

Is It Nothing To Be Happy?

Life is a Musical Thing

Boys Know How to Learn, They Don’t Need Expert Help

Children Are .  . . Poem by Meiji Stewart

Being Supportive and Helpful in Your Boy’s Learning Life

Exploring Leads to Learning

Today is Un-Sick Day!

Give Your Boy the Gift of Time

Unlocking Potential: 5 Tips to Help Boys Meet Their Goals

5 Easy Tips to Help Your Boy Get Organized

What Can Interrupt Learning

How to Stop Comparing and Support Your Boy’s Learning

How Sleep Affects Boys’ Leaning

Learning with LEGO

LEGO Time Management

Awesome Ideas to Encourage and Enhance LEGO Learning

LEGO: What They Learn When They Play

Additional Ideas

Boys Learning with Sensory Bins

Boys’ learning need not be a mystery or difficult. Use this Ultimate Guide to Boys’ Learning to get on the path to raising boys who love to learn!
We have a lot more on the site:
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Resources for Homeschool Unit Studies (which are Not just for homeschoolers)
Boys’ Learning Styles information
LEGO, LEGO Designs and LEGO Learning
Free Printable Games

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