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Best Books for Boys

There is nothing like a good book and we feature the very best books for boys right here!  Reading is important to a boy’s learning life and we want to help you get, and keep, your boys reading.

I have rounded up the very best books and put them in one easy to access place. By “best” I mean that to find a good book we went through stacks of books and weeded out the boring ones, the ones that were not compelling, and the ones that talked down to boys.

For example, when I was looking for books on pirates we went through a huge stack of pirate books. Most of them never made it onto the list because they were not good enough. I hope this is helpful for you and saves you a whole lot of time. You can just use our lists and be sure to find high quality, engaging books to share with your boys.

Pin it or bookmark it but save it for later as this list is going to be updated frequently. Every time we find a new awesome book for boys, or create a new book list, we will be adding it here.  You can use it to find great books for your boys to read.

Growing list of The Best Books for Boys. Get boys reading with engaging and high quality books.

Best Books for Boys

Best Books for Boys by Age

Many people asked me to write lists that show the very best books for specific ages. It took me a while to do so in part because I don’t really follow age recommendations myself. If a book is on a topic my son likes, I get it for him regardless of the age it is intended for.

However, I can also see the value of knowing books that fit the age range your child is in. This can be true both for both for age appropriateness and for reading levels.

And so, here you go. I am going to do book lists by age for all ages so check back often.

Books for 2 Year Old Boys

Books for 3 Year Old Boys

Books for 4 Year Old Boys

Books for 5 Year Old Boys

Books for 6 Year Old Boys

Books for 7 Year Old Boys

Books for 8 Year Old Boys

Books for 9 Year Old Boys

LEGO Books

We had so many posts on LEGO that we had to move them to their own page.  Go see all of the LEGO Books That You Won’t Want to Miss!  Let me tell you there is a lot there to see. Everything from single LEGO instruction books to LEGO stories and building guides to LEGO non-fiction and fiction reading books and much more. Think of it as your top spot for finding the LEGO books for your boys.

Coding Books

Learn to Program with Scratch

Super Scratch Programming Adventure

8 Books to Get Boys Coding

Alphabet Books

Alphabet Books for Older Readers

Steampunk ABC

Bembo’s Zoo

Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types

Opposite Books


Poetry Books for Boys

The Year Comes Round:  Haiku Through the Seasons

Poem-Mobiles:  Crazy Car Poems

Fiddleheads to Fir Trees

Seeds, Bees, Butterflies and More! (poems for 2 voices)

Stardines Swim High Across the Sky

Funny Poetry Books 

Cooking with Boys


Fun Food Cookbooks

Geek Cookbooks

Picture Books for Boys

What’s Your Favorite Animal

Not a Box & Not a Stick

Pirate Books for Young Buccaneers

Robot Books!

Funny Valentine’s Day Books

POW! Superhero Picture Books

Silly Underwear Books to Make Boys Giggle

Lois Ehlert Books and Art Activity

Books that Celebrate the Bond Between Mother and Son

Hands-on Farm Books and free printable Farm Animal Shadow Puppets

Caldecott Medal Winners

Musical Stories with free make your own music online links.

Read and Play with Book Sensory Bins

Funny Pirate Books To Make Boys Laugh

Books Made Into Movies for Older Boys with activities

Funny Halloween Books for Boys

Funny Christmas Books for Boys

Books for Grandmas and Grandsons to Read Together

Interactive Lift-the-Flap Truck Books

Stellar Fiction Astronaut Books for Your Space Fan

30+ Sports Picture Books for Your Sports Fans

Foxly’s Feast Wordless Picture Book with Fun Food Fox – cute kitchen fun food activity included.

Funny Easter Books for Boys

Helicopter Books for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Wordless Picture Books for Boys

Classic Wordless Picture Books

Lesser-Known Wordless Picture Books

The Benefits of Wordless Picture Books

Fun Wordless Picture Books to Read

Non-Fiction Books

Top 10 For Boys

Volcano Rising

The Amazing World of Pirates

A Rock is Lively

Pocket Genius:  Facts at Your Fingertips (series)

Curious Critters

Treasure Chest of Pirate Books

Dig into Dinosaur Fossil Books


Non-Fiction Snowflake Books

Animals in Winter

Dinosaur Question and Answer Books

Books about Rube Goldberg

8 Books to Get Boys Coding

High Interest List Books

Gross Books

Minecraft Books

10 Awesome Non-fiction Shark Books

Forest Food Chain Books with Free Printable Food Chain Game.

Non-Fiction Astronaut Books That Are Out of This World!

Books About Poop, Yes, Poop!

The Very Best Minecraft Books

Learning About History: Wars & Warriors Historical Coloring Books with historical annotations.

Learning About History: Vehicle Historical Coloring Books with historical annotations.

The Best Star Wars Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Great Non-Fiction Football Books for Boys

Non-fiction Basketball Books that are a Slam Dunk

Pokemon Books: Handbooks and Activity Books

Fiction Books (see also picture books)

Newbery Medal Winners Boys Will Actually Read

Book Series for Boys:

Top 5 Reasons for Getting Boys Hooked on Book Series

9 Thrilling Series Books for Teen Boys That They Won’t Be Able To Put Down

A Dozen Spectacular Series Books for Boys 9 – 12

Rockin’ Book Series for Boys 7 – 9

Fantastic Book Series for Boys 5 – 7

Terrific Book Series Boys 3 – 5 Will Love

Classic Book Series for Boys That Stand the Test of Time

Superhero Origin Stories Series

Chapter Books

Minecraft Book Series, 25+ Books Fans will Dig

Outdoor Activity Books for Boys

The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book

Weather Books and Activities

Father-Son Activity Books

Survival Books

Art Books for Boys

My Big Book of Art and Illusions

The Scraps Book

Dinosaur Drawing Books

Henry Matisse Book and Art Activity

Math Books for Boys

The Boy Who Loved Math

The Book of Perfectly Perilous Math

Star Wars Origami

That’s a Possibility:  A Book About What Might Happen

Millions, Billions, & Trillions:  Understanding Big Numbers

Seeing Symmetry

Science Books

The Science of Car Racing 

Batman Science

Maker Books Boys Will Really Like!


The Best Magazines for Boys – with Real Reviews

Free Comic Book Day

Ways to Save on Books

Summer Reading Programs 

Learn with Play: 150+ Activities for Year-round Fun and Learning.  (I am co-author of this wonderful book!)

See also Boys’ Learning where we have articles on reading and learning.

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