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Super Scratch Programming Adventure

Learn to Code with Scratch and This Great Book.

Super Scratch Programming Adventure is a fun book.  I like the layout and look of it and I think it is a great starting spot for programming on the Scratch platform.

Scratch is a project from MIT that allows kids to code without writing code.  They drag blocks with scripts together and they characters (sprites) on the screen follow the coded directions. It is easy to use and a lot of fun. The platform is totally free with no upselling, ads or commercials.

Finding the best books for boys is our goal and this one was very good for boys who would like to dive into Scratch.

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Super Scratch Programming Adventure reads a bit like a graphic novel.  I think this style of book has great kid appeal.  I also like the way this book is written, not only is it very visual in nature but it is amusing as well.

For example, when explaining how to re-name your sprite the authors say  “This is how you can rename the Scratchy sprite.  Right now it’s Sprite1.  Don’t you think that’s a little boring?  Try renaming the sprite.”

I like when a book is conversational and think it adds to what you learn and how much you remember when learning something new.

The instructions get you doing things right away without a lot of reading.  What they have you do is program your sprite to move all over the place in various ways.  This shows right off the bat what fun this program can be to work with.

Each section starts with a short 2 page comic strip, then goes into instructions for the programming adventure.  Space, soccer, treasures, racing, wizards and more are the topics that boys get to play around with in this book.

Going through the book and doing one or two chapters at a time would be a great way to learn the basics of Scratch programming.  After they learn to use Scratch from the exercises in the book they can use it as a reference to create their own versions of these programs and then move on to creating something from “scratch” that is all their own.

This is a great book for boys who are interested in coding and is the best book I have found so far on programming with Scratch version 2.0.

The book is colorful, well-written, enjoyable to use, and super useful for learning how to get started and do some fun things with Scratch.  Recommended.

Super Scratch Programming Adventure! (Covers Version 2): Learn to Program by Making Cool Games

I also reviewed Learn to Program with Scratch from No Starch Press.  That book is for more older users and isn’t as “fun” as this one is but does have more advance programming features so might be a good one to progress to after learning what Super Scratch Programming Adventure has to offer.

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