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Gift Ideas for Boys: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need

If you are looking for gift ideas for boys you have come to the right place.

Ever wondered what gift to get your boys? Or been stuck and unsure how to find the perfect gift for him?

I am a blogger who is also a boy mom. I know boys, and I know what they like. I am also not typical in how I do my gift idea lists.

I don’t just throw up a bunch of random ideas and call it good. I put a lot of time and research into them to make sure you are getting the very best ideas that will appeal to your boys.

I search through websites to see what is trending and popular, to find what is new, and what is of a very high quality. I check with the toy industry to see what they are highlighting. I look through magazines and catalogs and online toy stores. I also talk with boys to see what they actually think is awesome.

That way you get the very best ideas and are sure to find the perfect gift for your boys.

Gift ideas for boys! If you have to purchase a gift for a boy, this is the list you need. So many wonderful gift ideas perfect for your boy.


This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to boys.

This post is highlighting all of our gift lists. There are lists for boys of all ages. Every gift and product post we write will be housed on this page so be sure to save it for future reference.

I hope the posts below will be useful to you as you shop. If you need additional suggestions, feel free to contact me. I am happy to help.

Gift Ideas for Boys

My big gift giving advice is to give things that will last a long time. I tend to have a focus on open-ended toys or gifts that follow their interest, because those get a lot of play time, and boys can learn so much from them. Plus, you get a lot of value for your dollar. Gifts like LEGO can last a child into adulthood!

LEGO Gift Ideas for Boys

If you have a boy who loves LEGO, as many do, you really need to check out these gift lists. They have the very best ideas in them and I just know they are going to love them.

The Ultimate LEGO Gift Guide

The Very Best LEGO Stocking Stuffers Ever!

LEGO Christmas Sets – Get Them Before They Are Gone!

Top 10 LEGO Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys under $10

Star Wars Gift Ideas for Boys

Star Wars! When I first started looking I had no idea there were so many cool things out there. Sure, I knew there were toys, but I found a whole lot more. Pick the age range and go have a look.

Star Wars Gifts for 3 – 5 Year Old Boys

The Best Star Wars Gifts for 6 – 9 Year Old Boys

Incredible Star Wars Gifts for Guys 10 – 12 years old

Star Wars Activity and Coloring Books

Star Wars Gifts Under $10.00

Tech Gear and STEM Toys for Boys

You know they like their tech! Well, I found both tech and STEM ideas that they will really go for. And, they will be learning as well as having fun which is awesome, right?!

Cool STEM Gear Your Boys Will Love

The Very Best Hands-on STEM Toys to Engage Boys

Rube Goldberg Style Toys to Boost Learning

Electronics Gifts for Teen Boys

Unplugged Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

This popular post is full of over 50 different ideas for teen boys and they are all under 20 bucks (plus, some are just a few dollars!)

Amazing Inexpensive Gifts for Teen Boys: Unplugged.

Educational Toys for Boys

One thing about Brain Power Boy is we like to find things that have a learning twist to them but are also really engaging and enjoyable. All of these fit the bill.

Educational Toys for 2 Year Old Boys

The Best Sight Word Games to Make Reading Easy.

Community Helper Toys For Pretend Play and Learning

Educational Shark Toys for Learning About Sharks

Dolls and Dollhouses for Boys

Yes, boys play with dolls. They also play with dollhouses!  These toys are great for boys and they truly enjoy them.

I wrote a really detailed buying guide on how to choose the best dollhouse for your boy. It is the first link below which also includes a wonderful selection of wooden houses.

The second link includes more unique selection such as space stations, castles and fire stations.

Gift Guide for Boys: Dollhouses

Best Dollhouses for Boys – Unique Choices

Baby Dolls Boys are Going to Love

Wooden Toys for Boys

Wooden toys are some of our most treasured toys. What I love about them, beyond the natural wood, is that they can be passed down for generations to come. See the dollhouses above for more wooden choices.

The Best Wooden Toy Barns for Boys

Handmade Wooden Toy Barns for Years of Imaginative Play

Wooden Farm Animals That Are Too Wonderful to Miss

Wooden Tractor Toys

Card Table Playhouses for Boys

Have you seen these? They are fabric, felt or nylon houses that slip over a card table. I chose the best boy topics I could find! I love how easy it is to set them up and take them down, They are also portable and can be taken to grandma’s house.

Incredible Card Table Playhouses for Boys You Have to See

Card Table Playhouse Patterns Perfect for Boys!

Experiences Gift Guide for Boys

Sometimes, instead of just giving a gift or a toy, giving an experience is really appreciated. What I did in this guide is to pair toys with some experiences ideas and I included free printable gift certificates so you could fill that out and give it with the gift.

For example, if they really like animals you could give them a trip to the zoo or a wildlife sanctuary and select one of the animal gifts we suggest and pair them together. There are choices for LEGO, animals, dinosaurs, cars, trains, trucks and pirates and the gifts are for boys young and old.

Experiences Plus Gift Guide for Boys

Graduation Gifts for Boys

If high school graduation is coming up and you need a great gift to give, try this list.

Graduation Gifts They Will Actually Use

Holiday Gift Ideas for Boys

We are working on getting gift ideas together for every holiday. Here are the ones we have so far.

Remember that the other gift ideas above are great for holiday gift giving as well. These are just specific to the holiday.

Christmas Gifts for Boys

LEGO Christmas Sets – Get Them Before They Are Gone!

Easter Gift Ideas for Boys

Super ideas for basket fillers that boys will enjoy.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Boys.

60+ Incredible Easter Gifts for Teen Boys You Can’t Miss!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys

Show our guys a bit of love with these fun ideas.

Top 10 LEGO Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys under $10

Seasonal Gift Ideas

Summer Gift Ideas for Boys

Wow! I had such a good time filling this post with fun summer water ideas. There are toys, water tables, rockets, sprinklers, squirters, blasters, slides and a whole lot more to keep kids cool in the summer heat.

Backyard Water Fun Without a Pool! (50+ Ways to Stay Cool)

Books for Boys

I have so many book lists on my site that you should have no problem finding some books to give as a gift to your boys.  Books are actually one of my favorite gifts to give (well, books and LEGO 🙂 )

Best Books for Boys


Shopping for boys can be a lot of fun. It is especially nice to have a list of items that is well-researched, that you know other boys enjoy, and that you can rely on to get great ideas. I hope you enjoy this article and make good use of it.

We are happy to bring you great gift ideas for boys of all ages that are full of learning & fun and will continue to add to this list over the years.

Know another mom, grandma, dad, grandpa, aunt, uncle, neighbor, friend (you get the point 🙂 ) who might enjoy this? You can use the sharing buttons below to share this list with others. Thanks!

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