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60+ Incredible Easter Gifts for Teen Boys You Can’t Miss! 2019

Do you need Easter gifts for teen boys? Find over 60 of the best ones here.
All ideas are Teen Boy Approved!

Are you here to find some Easter Gifts For Teen Boys?  Welcome! We are happy to help.

It can certainly be hard to find things to put in their Easter baskets that they will actually be excited to get, can’t it?

They are getting older and play dough eggs and hopping bunny toys aren’t going to cut it anymore!

Take a peek below to see a great selection they they will want in their baskets. You can also check out our gift ideas for boys guides for additional basket fillers.

The Best - The Perfect - The Most Wanted - Easter Gifts for Teen Boys! 60 plus unique ideas that teen boys are going to love to find in their Easter baskets. Click to get them now.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to boys.

Easter Gifts for Teen Boys

Since our site focuses on learning I thought I would mention that the tradition of giving Easter basket goes way back. You can learn more about the origin of the Easter basket here.

Then, let’s get right to the best Easter gifts you can give to a teenage boy, shall we?

Easter Gifts for Teen Boys: T-Shirts

Grab a t-shirt, roll it up so you can’t see the front design and pop it in their basket. Easy! Here are two funny Easter shirts that they are sure to get a kick out of.

Jolly Roger Easter T ShirtJolly Roger Easter T ShirtHip Trio BunniesHip Trio Bunnies

Brain Teasers!

Get them thinking a bit with these fun brain teaser puzzles. We love brain teasers and hope your boys will enjoy these. They are the perfect size to fit into an Easter basket.

You have to see these cool egg brain teaser puzzles that are the perfect Easter gift for your teen boy too! Love them so much! Choose the one that you feel is right for your boy.

RED DRAGON Labyrinth Puzzle (Difficult)RED DRAGON Labyrinth Puzzle (Difficult)SKULL Smart Egg <br> Labyrinth PuzzleSKULL Smart Egg
Labyrinth Puzzle
BLUE DRAGON 2-Layer Egg Labyrinth Puzzle (Challenging)BLUE DRAGON 2-Layer Egg Labyrinth Puzzle (Challenging)

Tetris Cube Brainteaser PuzzleTetris Cube Brainteaser PuzzleCast Metal Brain Teaser PuzzleCast Metal Brain Teaser PuzzleGordians Knot Brain Teaser PuzzleGordians Knot Brain Teaser Puzzle

IQ FitIQ FitKanoodle GeniusKanoodle GeniusDog Pile The Pup Packing PuzzleDog Pile The Pup Packing Puzzle

Puzzles & Building Kits

I found a big variety of puzzles that are perfect for teen boys. There are a lot of different types available and you are sure to find the perfect one.

B-17 Flying Fortress <br> 3D Metal Model KitB-17 Flying Fortress
Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile <br> 3D Metal Model KitClassic TV Series BatmobileHarry Potter Hagrid's Hut <br> 3D Metal Model KitHarry Potter Hagrid’s Hut

Motorcycle Building KitMotorcycle Building KitDarth Vader & Ewok Building KitDarth Vader & Ewok Building Kit

Easter Gifts for Teen Boys: Playing Cards

Grab a deck of hip playing cards for your teen. He will love some of the cool selections they have. They are fun to have on hand to play games with their friends.

Skull Playing CardsSkull Playing CardsBigfoot Playing CardsBigfoot Playing Cards

Nerf for Easter?!

No, teen boys are not too old for Nerf – in fact the boys I know l.o.v.e. it still and like to plan elaborate games with their Nerf guns. The other choice is Nerf balls or our fav – the Aero Flyer (below.)

Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster
I tried to pick Nerf items that will fit in a basket. You may have to take it out of packaging to get it in, but I’m sure they won’t mind.

This gun is described as small but mighty and that is a fact. It shoots super far.

One thing you will love about it is that it is inexpensive!

It comes with two elite darts (you could buy more darts here if you like)

I’d grab a couple of these so they can play with family or friends.

Nerf Sports Pocket Aero Flyer (Orange)Nerf Sports Pocket Aero Flyer


Another super Nerf choice is this Pocket Vortex Aero Flyer.

We got one of these from my brother and it really flies far!

It is a lot of fun to play “catch” with or to throw through hoola-hoops or hit targets with. An Easter basket gift teen boys will use again and again.

Plus it is so small he can stick it in a backback or toss in the back of the car so he always has something to pull out and mess around with.

It is cheap (in price) too!  Ours have lasted for years.


Activity Book Easter Gifts for Teen Boys

I cannot have a gift list for boys (of any age!) without adding books. We are a book crazy family. Here are our top selections.

If you are looking for reading books you may wish to check out our popular Thrilling Book Series for Teen Boys.

Ultimate Dot to Dot: <br>Extreme Puzzle ChallengeUltimate Dot to Dot:
Extreme Puzzle Challenge
Extreme Dot-to-Dot <br>Spectacular PlacesExtreme Dot-to-Dot
Spectacular Places
Marvel: The Amazing 1000 <br>Dot-to-Dot BookMarvel: The Amazing 1000
Dot-to-Dot Book

Supreme Maze PuzzlesSupreme Maze PuzzlesCan You Spot the Differences?Can You Spot the Differences?Mystifying MazesMystifying Mazes

Coloring Books

Harry Potter Magical CreaturesHarry Potter Magical CreaturesArt of Coloring Star WarsArt of Coloring Star WarsHow to Draw Cool ThingsHow to Draw Cool Things

Journals for Your Teen Boy

If you have a boy who is retrospective or who really likes to keep track of things, I think journals are just right. These are masculine and pretty darn cool. Other choices are available as well.

Leather Writing Journal 7 inchLeather Writing Journal 7 inchCompass Leather Writing JournalCompass Leather Writing JournalSoar JournalSoar Journal


Tools Teen Boys Will Like

If they do not already have these, and they like tools and gadgets, you can bet these are a sure win. These are all small enough to fit in a pocket, small pack or glovebox (and an Easter basket, of course.)

Swiss Army Classic Pocket KnifeSwiss Army Classic Pocket KnifeStylus Pro LED PenLightStylus Pro LED PenLight12-in-1 Multi Tool12-in-1 Multi Tool

Novelty Computer Flash Drives

Need I say more? Fun, right?! There is a huge selection available.

Skull CartoonSkull CartoonMetal Electric GuitarMetal Electric GuitarMarvin the MartianMarvin the MartianGreat White SharkGreat White SharkNikon Camera BagNikon Camera BagNinjaNinja

Electronics Accessories Gifts

Teen boys love their electronics so gifting them a few accessories is a great idea. These will easily fit into an Easter basket.

Try ear bud organizers so they are not always struggling with cords, a new pair of great sounding and cool looking ear buds, or a nifty case to keep all of the cords, chargers and other misc stuff they need.

Cable OrganizerCable OrganizerCable OrganizerEarbuds, High Definition, in-EarEarbuds, High Definition, in-EarEarbuds, High Definition, in-EarLeather Earbud HolderLeather Earbud HolderLeather Earbud Holder

Key Chains and Lanyards

Here are a few of our favorites but there are plenty of other choices. Pick whatever topic your boy enjoys the most.  Go here for more key chains and here for more lanyards.

Star Wars Millennium KeychainStar Wars Millennium KeychainStar Wars Millennium KeychainHarry Potter Solemnly Swear LanyardHarry Potter Solemnly Swear LanyardHarry Potter Solemnly Swear LanyardCompass Key ChainCompass Key ChainCompass Key Chain


Easter Basket Food for Teen Boys

And, of course, we certainly can’t forget that teen boys love to eat and they are totally going to want some goodies in their baskets.

Jerky & Snack Sticks

Real Steak Jerky, ChipotleReal Steak Jerky, ChipotleSlim Jim PremiumSlim Jim PremiumBridgford Beef JerkyBridgford Beef Jerky

Candy for Your Teen Boy’s Easter Basket

Jelly Beans

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour BeansBertie Bott’s Every Flavour BeansJelly Belly Tabasco BeansJelly Belly Tabasco Beans4th Edition Beanboozled Game4th Edition Beanboozled Game

Ultimate Snack Food Boxes

There is not a boy I know who wouldn’t be excited to get these snack food bonanzas! These kits make it so easy on mom too. Order today, it comes in the mail, unpack and put into a basket (or don’t even bother with that and simply give it to them!)

Sweet & Salty Hangry Kit 40 countSweet & Salty Hangry Kit 40 countSampler Assortment 40 CountSampler Assortment 40 CountThe Deluxe CraveBox 50 countThe Deluxe CraveBox 50 count

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Don’t forget the Easter Bunny!
DOVE Easter Dark Chocolate Candy Solid Easter Bunny 4.5-Ounce Box

Dove Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny or milk chocolate.  Or maybe he would prefer a Lindt bunny instead!

There you go. Plenty of Easter Gifts for teen boys you can choose from. I hope this makes it easier for you to shop for them and I hope they love the Easter basket fillers you select!

Happy Easter to you and your family.

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Thursday 6th of April 2017

These are great ideas! My teenage son will definitely love them too! Thanks!

Sheila Rogers

Thursday 6th of April 2017

Hey Cricket, Thanks so much for the nice comment. I am so glad you like them. I appreciate you taking time to let me know. Have a great day!