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Fun Easter Science Activities and STEM Projects To Try!

We found some awesome Easter Science Activities to try!

When I am looking for something interesting to do, I often combine STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) ideas with the holidays or seasons. In this case, I found some great science and STEM activities for Easter.

All of these use simple things you likely already have at your house making them easy to do and easy on mom too!

For more fun try our Easter Egg Drawing Challenge and turn STEM to STEAM by adding in art.
These fun Easter Science and STEM activities are awesome! Kids LOVE them!!

Easter Science Activities

I found a lot of neat science and STEM activities that you can do for Easter.

They include Easter eggs, Peeps, Jelly Beans and plastic Easter eggs as well. You know your kids will have fun with all of these ideas!

Do not miss these Easter Science activities for kids. They are so good it is hard to pick a favorite!

Easter Egg Science

Using real eggs, a few supplies and a bit of science you can do Easter egg science activities!

Colorful Volcano Eggs

Volcano Egg Dyeing
You have to try this one! What a fun way to decorate eggs and get some science in at the same time. This takes a baking soda and vinegar volcano to a whole new level.  Volcano Egg

Bouncing Rainbow Eggs

Rainbow Bouncing Eggs
Have you heard of the science project where you can end up with eggs that bounce? Here is a variation on that with bright rainbow colors. Not only will they be able to make their egg bounce and break, but they will learn the science behind it and find out something interesting about an egg yolk.
Bouncing Rainbow Eggs

Make Crystals on Eggshells

Crystal Geode Eggs
Aren’t these geodes amazing? I think they are beautiful. You will need to plan ahead a bit for this one as the crystals need time to develop on the eggshells. To get really big crystals it can take several days.
Crystal Eggshells

Peep Easter Science

Whether your family loves to eat peeps or really can’t stand them, you will have to grab some to do these fun projects.

Peep Catapult

Peep Catapult

Get your physics (a fundamental science) as well as engineering and math in with this project centered on build a catapult to launch peeps! Peep Catapult

Engineer a Peep House

Peep House
Can you build a house for your Peeps? Think gingerbread/graham cracker houses for Easter. Engineer a Peeps House

Jelly Bean Science

Grab the jelly beans! They can snack while they learn about engineering and reactions.

Jelly Bean Engineering

Jelly Bean Sculpture
Grab the Jelly Beans and the toothpicks and see what sort of engineering sculptures you can create.
Jelly Bean Structures

Jelly Bean Reactions

Jelly Bean Science Comparison
How do jelly beans react in different liquids? What happens when you wait specific amounts of times? These are just the types of questions a curious child would be interested in finding the answers to. Jelly Bean Reaction

Plastic Egg Science

Most of us have some plastic eggs hanging around and they are just right for these Easter science activities!

Plastic Egg Parachutes

Egg Parachutes
Neat! A parachute project with plastic eggs looks like a lot of fun to make. Encourage your kids to try different ideas to see which fly the best. Plastic Egg Parachutes

Plastic Egg Rockets

Egg Rockets
This science activity is always fun and they gave it an Easter twist. Make a plastic Easter egg explode!
Egg Rockets

Easter science activities you do not want your kids to miss!