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Books About Poop, Yes, Poop!

Books about poop. Who knew? There are books about most anything!

Actually there are quite a few books about poop and there is a lot to learn about it. Reading these books is actually surprisingly interesting and you can learn all sorts of things, from biology to history and more.

I hope you will take some time to check these out. I can tell you right now that many, many boys find these books fascinating.

Hey, if it holds their interest and they are learning while reading about something that is a natural function of the body, why not, right?

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Who knew there were so many good books about poop?! We found eleven books that are great for learning about all things poop - and they don't stink either. Click to see the list.

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Books About Poop

If your boys are into learning all about this subject, you can never have enough resources so here is a bonus article on pooping in space that boys may enjoy.

Book about poop – who knew there were so many interesting titles on the subject? Well, I did, because we had read quite a few. Oh, the hidden talents of a homeschooling mom lol.

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