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Alphabeasties, A Must See Alphabet Book

Alphabeasties and other Amazing Types by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss.

I’ll tell you straight out—I love the Alphabeasties book!

Alphabeasties Book Review |

This book is fun to look at, makes one want to create their very own typographical animals, and is a delight to read.  Both my son and I enjoyed reading this together.  As an older reader I wasn’t certain he would want to read alphabet books anymore but he was willing to give it a try when I told him that there are many alphabet books that are better for older readers than they are for younger kids.  (See our Alphabet Book for Older Readers Roundup for additional titles.)

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He agreed with me that this book is a winner.  Alphabeasties gives readers a bit of background material on typefaces and they do such a good job of it.  They show the different typefaces such as BLOCKY just how you would expect them to look.  Not only that, but their illustrations are charming and wonderful.  I have a couple of pictures here to show you what I mean.  A is for Alligator and it is made completely out of A text.  Awesome!

Alphabeasties Book Review |

There are also some flaps to lift and other words for each letter.  They don’t just list other words, oh no, they make a little “a” into an apple and and anchor and an acorn.  I never thought much about typeface but I can see a lot of possibilities for using it in many art projects.

I have never seen a book like this and I sincerely hope they continue writing publishing similar volumes.  They came out with Bugs by the Numbers in 2011 and Alphasaurs and Other Prehistoric Types in 2012 along with flashcards, counting cards and the Alphabeasties Amazing Activity book.  I checked on Blue Apple Books website but didn’t see anything forthcoming.  One can hope!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hope you and your boy will too.  It is definitely worth spending some time with.  I think I am going to have to buy it for myself!

Alphabeasties: And Other Amazing Types
Alphasaurs and Other Prehistoric Types
Bugs by the Numbers
Alphabeasties Amazing Activity Book

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Barb @ A Life in Balance

Friday 9th of May 2014

Such a cool book! I may keep it for myself. And, how cool that you write about boys' learning styles. With 4 boys, I'm always looking for info on understanding them. 2 are big readers and non-athletic, and the other 2 are just all your typical antsy boy. I signed up for your newsletter!


Friday 9th of May 2014

Hi Barb, thanks for the kind words. So glad you like the book! Learning styles has helped me to understand my son a bit better. Glad to hear you signed up for the newsletter :) ~Sheila