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LEGO Cuusoo. New Name, New Rules.

Super Exciting News from LEGO Cuusoo.  A Name Change and a Big Deal for Boys!!

LEGO Cuusoo, the great place where fan created LEGO builds can become actual LEGO sets is moving out of beta and changing the name and the rules.

LEGO Cuusoo will become LEGO Ideas soon.  The old LEGO Cuusoo website will stay up for a while but the real action will be happening on LEGO Ideas.  If you have not taken a look at LEGO Cuusoo with your boy you should really check it out.  It is fun to see all of the creations made by LEGO fans and you can even vote on which build(s) you would like to see become an official LEGO set.

LEGO Cuusoo Changes Name and Rules to include Kids |

The big news for boys is that LEGO has a new addition to the rules and kids 13 – 18 will now be able to send in creations and try to get enough votes for their very own set to be considered for design and sale by the LEGO company.  How exciting is that!  Yes, the odds are super slim but what a great experience for boys.

Check out LEGO Ideas and watch for the move to LEGO Ideas soon.

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