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Animals in Winter Books

Animals in Winter Books will get your kids learning about how animals survive  and what they do to adapt to winter weather.

This list is part of our best books for boys series. I did animals in winter with my boys’ book club so thought I would share these with you as well.

We also included some fun play ideas at the end of the post that you can use to enhance reading the books in this list.

Animals in Winter Books and Play Ideas


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Animals in Winter Books

As I update this book list the temperatures are dropping and we actually at -2 degrees with a wind chill of -17 degrees. Brrr!

Learn all about animals and how they survive winter.

  • Do they migrate or stay and tough it out?
  • How do animals find food in winter?
  • Where do they seek shelter?
  • How can we help the animals over the cold months ahead?

Animals in Winter (Bullfrog Books: What Happens in Winter?) What Happens in Winter is wonderful for beginning readers or to read to younger kids.

It has beautiful full color photos like seen on the cover. It also includes enough detail to be interesting but not so much to overwhelm a child under 6 years old.

Animals in Winter (Pebble Plus: All About Winter) Animals in Winter is a nice book for younger ones.

It has wonderful full-page photographs of the animals it features.

Low text and highly visual this book covers migration, hibernation and signs of winter.

It is a library bound book so it is a bit more expensive in general. You can see what the price is on Amazon today as sometimes it is drops down nicely.

All About Animals in Winter (Celebrate Winter) All About Animals in Winter is all about the photos!

Beautiful photography is a key component of this one.

It is a simple introduction to animals in winter and what they do. Some hibernate, and some have fur that changes color.

Perfect for early readers or those who really enjoy pictures of animals.

What Animals Do in the Winter (Discovery Readers) What Do Animals Do in Winter?: How Animals Survive the Cold .

This book shares interesting details including a couple of maps showing migration paths.

Survival techniques and how animals change color in winter are covered.

There may be words children are unfamiliar with, but the author includes phonetic pronunciation in parentheses which is a nice touch.

Who Lives in the Snow? The title page of Who Lives in the Snow is covered with lovely snowflakes (see our snowflakes book list for wonderful titles) and the book starts with a snow storm.

This title is for kids who like details!

They mention the subnivean zone (under snow,) snowpack, dormant and other terms you don’t often hear in children’s books.

It is a very good book.

Stranger in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy These are what that authors call photographic fantasy books. Meaning that the photographers set the scenes they captured. However, I am adding them here because the photographs of animals are so wonderful that we read them every year.
Animals in Winter (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science)
Animals in Winter (same title different book) This version is from the series Let’s Read and Find Out About Science which I like a lot.It starts in fall and covers specific animals. There are woodchucks (we saw a big one in the field behind our house a while back,) pikas, squirrels, mice and more.It ends with two pages on feeding the animals in your backyard.

Be sure to scroll down to see our play ideas below!

Wonderful animals in winter books as well as play and learning ideas.

Animals In Winter Play Activities

In addition to reading books about animals in winter, we like to add play into our book reading, do you?

We have some animals like the ones below. I just love the set with the polar bear (they are a favorite of mine.)

1. Use some of the animals below to set up a winter scene and act out how they survive in winter.

2. Tell stories about the animals in winter and what they are doing.

3. Draw the animals in the books or the arctic animals below.

4. Put some of the Schleich arctic animals (see great selection through that link) in a bowl with water and freeze them! Then you can use hot water, salt and other methods to free them from the ice.

5. Feed the animals in your own backyard this winter. You can get ideas in this book.

These are all simple ideas that make learning about animals come alive.

Grab the arctic animal set, the Toob set or the 3D arctic animal puzzles as a fun surprise to add when studying animals in winter.

Safari Ltd Arctic TOOB With 10 Fun Figurines, Including A Ukenn Animals Figures Puzzle Blocks, 4pcs 3D Animal Puzzles Preschool

Thanks for stopping by to see the books. I hope you will find some good titles for you and your family to enjoy.

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AJ Irving

Tuesday 10th of February 2015

Great recommendations! I am so happy I found your site! I am excited to read these books with my son :). Great activities, too!

Sheila Rogers

Tuesday 10th of February 2015

AJ, I hope you and your kids enjoy the books. It is so nice to read your kind comment, thank you for taking the time to leave it :)


Wednesday 4th of February 2015

Stranger in the woods looks absolutely stunning! Thanks so much for all the recommendations. My little boy is still too little, but I'm definitely going to keep coming back here for more as he grows. At the moment (he's 18 months) he is very much drawn to animals, and one of his favorites at the moment is Duck on a Bike. As we live in California we don't get much of a winter, but as he grows I'm sure he'll be fascinated by learning the different facts of animals in winter weather.

Sheila Rogers

Friday 6th of February 2015

Thanks for stopping by Erika, Stranger in the woods is a wonderful book. The photographs are awesome. Oh yes, I remember Duck on Bike--funny!

Stanley & Katrina

Wednesday 4th of February 2015

Great book list! We are feeling the cold here and just want to sit by the fire to stay warm. Thanks for sharing on the #KidLitBlogHop. We tweeted this post. :) ~The Gang

Sheila Rogers

Wednesday 4th of February 2015

Thanks :) It is super cold here right now too and I know the feeling. Enjoy the books.

chantelle hazelden

Monday 19th of January 2015

A fab selection of books, they all look very informative but good for a wide range of age groups!! thanks for linking up with #readwithme :)

Sheila Rogers

Monday 19th of January 2015

Thanks Chantelle, Glad you like them. Yes, there is a good range. We like to explore topics from early readers all the way up to adult books :) Thanks for your work on the read with me linky.

maryanne @ mama smiles

Wednesday 24th of December 2014

We love those Toobs! Great book list, too!

Sheila Rogers

Thursday 25th of December 2014

:) They are neat aren't they MaryAnn? Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment.