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Seeds, Bees, Butterflies, and More!: A Book Review

Seeds, Bees, Butterflies, and More!  Poems for Two Voices, by Carole Gerber, Illustrated by Eugene Yelchin, Henry Holt and Company, 2013

Seeds, Bees, Butterflies, and More! is one of my favorite types of book.  I just love it when a book causes interaction between people.  Here, you and your boy, read poems together and it can be quite fun to get the timing right.  You can practice and get very good at the rhythm between yourself and your boy or you can just wing it and laugh when something goes just a bit wrong.

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Seeds, Bees, Butterflies, and More!: Poems for Two Voices

Seeds, Bees, Butterflies, and More! Poems for Two Voices poems are printed in two colors and the text alters from right to left.  Each person takes a color and a side and reads that section.  Then the other person reads, back and forth to the end of the poem.

Naturalistic Learners will enjoy the illustrations as well as the content of this fun to read book.  The illustrations are enjoyable to look at and there are plenty of details in the poems so that young explorers will likely want to go outside and have a peak at some roots or grow a few daffodils or Helianthus (sunflowers).

While I chose this book for the interaction aspect, it is a nicely done title and would make a nice gift for a boy who likes poetry and nature.  You can certainly use the poems to get some neat activities going as well.

Great for naturalistic and linguistic learners.