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Does Your Boy Have a Linguistic Learning Style?

If you have a boy with a linguistic learning style you will find that they learn best from words.

They love to use words and seeing, hearing and saying words are a big part of their lives.  They also have highly developed auditory skills.  These boys think in words and are good at verbalizing ideas. They have no trouble finding the exact words they need to express themselves or to tell you what they think.

Linguistic learners are also likely to be good readers. Surround them with words and they are happy!

This is one of eight learning styles that we have highlighted. Be sure to see our Boys’ Learning Styles Overview to see which other learning styles your boy may have.

Does your boy love words? Is he very verbal, and likes to read and write? If so, he may have a Linguistic Learning Style. To help your boy learn, take a look at this series which delves into learning styles. Find out more about Linguistic Learners, how to tell if your boy is one, what to provide him with, and places you can take him to honor the way he learns. Click the picture to read more.

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Linguistic Learning Style

How You Can Tell If Your Boy Has a Linguistic Learning Style

One thing to keep in mind is that boys with this learning style are big communicators from the time they are young. Words matter to them and you should remember that when speaking with them. Carefully choose your words in order to best help them in their lives.

Here are some characteristics of people with a linguistic learning style. Remember that we all have one to three strong styles but that we learn in all of the eight styles.

  • Always reading and writing
  • Loves word play and playing with sounds
  • Likes poetry, writing stories and storytelling
  • Good memory for verses and lyrics
  • Might enjoy jokes, tongue twisters, and puns
  • May well enjoy debating with you or others
  • Could be a natural speller
  • Likes word games such as crosswords, scrabble, anagrams . . .

What You Can Provide if He Has a Linguistic Learning Style

  • Mp3s, audio books (Get Two Free,) podcasts
  • Tape-recorder, digital audio recorder
  • Label maker
  • Opportunities for writing and supplies such as journals, diaries, special pens
  • Foreign language learning materials
  • Scrabble and other word-based games
  • Plenty of books (see our boy book lists!)

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Places You Can Take Your Boy to Honor His Linguistic Learning Style

  • Libraries
  • Bookstores
  • Newspaper tour
  • Publishing houses
  • Radio station
  • To presentations on topics of interest to him

For additional information on learning styles see: Boys Learning Styles Overview