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Boys’ Learning Styles Overview

Take a look at this boys’ learning styles overview to get an idea of how your boy learns best.

I have never met a boy who did not enjoy learning.  The problem often comes when they are forced to learn things that they are not interested in.  If you can adapt a boy’s environment to fit his learning style you have given him a special gift.

If you have a boy who is struggling with a subject, give boys’ learning styles a try.  Read about learning styles below then take the time to observe your boy and think about how he learns. Talk to him about how he takes in information.

Here at Brain Power Boy our goal is to help you in “Raising Boys Who Love to Learn!” Learning styles can help.

Do you know your boy's learning style? Taking the time to find out the one to three learning styles he has a preference for can make all the difference in helping him learn. Click the picture to see a learning styles overview of 8 styles and additional, helpful information.

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Boys’ Learning Styles Overview

Learning styles are the same for all people but we try to adapt the learning styles to better fit boys and the way they live their lives.   You can take this information and use it to help your boy learn—his way.   Your boy can learn things in a faster, more comfortable, and easier way by simply knowing his learning styles.

I am fond of learning styles because they address some of the issues that stop boys from learning.  While passion-driven learning is the best for all children there are ways to make learning more enjoyable when there is something that “needs” to be learned.

We have researched the many different models of learning styles.  The one that has made the most sense to me, and has worked well for people I know is Howard Gardner’s list of Multiple Intelligences put into easier to understand terms by Thomas Armstrong in his book In Their Own Way.

The Learning Styles

Most people have a combination of learning styles that work best for them.  Many people lean heavily toward one or two specific learning styles.  While this is true, we are actually able to learn in all of the different styles.

For further information on each learning style, click the links below.  This will take you to an article on each style.  I will help you explore these learning styles and give you ideas for ways to apply them to your boy’s learning.

Bodily-Kinesthetic:  learn best by moving, touching, and hands-on learning.

Interpersonal:  learn best by relating and cooperating with others.

Intrapersonal:  learn best on their own.

Linguistic:  learn best by hearing, speaking and seeing words.

Logical-Mathematical:  learn best by looking for patterns and relationships between items.

Musical:  learn best through rhythm and melody.

Naturalist:  learn best in the natural world.

Visual-Spatial:  learn best by seeing images, pictures, and colors.

If your boy is struggling a bit with learning, start by changing things up a bit. If he is a visual learner, instead of using a textbook try a video, if he just has to move a lot and is a bodily-kinethetic learner make sure you approach the topic in a hands-on manner. For more ideas see the links to the individual learning styles above where we talk about what to provide, how to help and where to take your boy to honor his learning style.

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What learning style does your boy lean toward? What learning style do you think you are? And. . . the big question: Are they the same?

Erin @ Nourishing My Scholar

Thursday 21st of January 2016

I have a visual spatial learner and being able to homeschool him while understanding his learning style has helped tremendously! #HipHomeschoolMoms

Sheila Rogers

Saturday 23rd of January 2016

Hi Erin, You are so right that knowing their learning style can help a lot. Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday 20th of January 2016

Great outline of learning styles - thank you

Sheila Rogers

Saturday 23rd of January 2016

Thanks much, Lolly. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and am glad you like the overview.


Sunday 10th of January 2016

Is there any easy 'test' to identify learning style. I'm not really sure what style my child uses best.

Sheila Rogers

Monday 11th of January 2016

Hi Liz, There are some tests available. I prefer observation over time but you can certainly try a test or two. Because I have not used them I do not have a specific one to recommend. You can google "learning styles questionnaire for students" or "learning styles quiz." You can also click the links on this overview to go to each learning style page as that will give you a better grasp on each individual learning style. I hope that helps! Thank you for your question and for stopping by.

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Friday 9th of May 2014

I believe this and unless you homeschool I think its tough for the kids out there. I work at a school and you cant adjust to everyones learning. Someone gets left behind. My son was very difficult and I didn't have the ability to homeschool him and he still struggles as an adult.


Friday 9th of May 2014

Hi Candi, Yes, I think it would be easier to use learning styles in a homeschool setting but you can also use them at home for helping a child understand homework etc. While some schools are trying to use learning styles, it is hard to do with so many children. Thanks for the comment :) ~Sheila