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Does Your Boy Have a Musical Learning Style?

Boys who have a musical learning style learn from rhythm and melody. There are some characteristics of a musical learner and once you know them you can find ways to help your boys learn in a way that suits them very well.

Do you have a boy who loves music? Does he hum, sing and tap all day long? They need music and it is an important part of their lives.  They are likely to like to have background music on no matter what they are doing. They may like to play a musical instrument but that is not always true. Find out more below.

This is part of a series of boys’ learning styles articles on the site. You can learn more by clicking the link. Generally speaking people lean toward two to three main learning styles and learn in all of them. Work with your boy to find the ones that fit him best and then provide a learning environment that is the best for him. You will both enjoy what happens.

Does your boy love music and hum or sing all day long? If you want to help your boy learn, take a look this series which delves into learning styles. Find out more about the Musical Learning Style, how to tell if your boy has it, what to provide him with, and places you can take him to honor the way he learns. Click the picture to read more.

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How You Can Tell if Your Boy Has a Musical Learning Style

These boys are strong auditory learners and you may have luck with helping them learn through reading aloud or through recording lessons and letting them have the ability to play them back.  They learn more easily if there is a pattern to the instruction (sung, tapped out.)

Look at the characteristics below. Some may be present but remember that not all of them need to be there in order for your boy to have this style.

  • Likes to play instruments
  • Hums, sings, whistles to himself often
  • Has strong opinions about what type of music he likes/dislikes
  • Is sensitive to sounds, noises
  • Can remember melodies
  • Knows if a note is off key
  • Often taps and keeps time rhythmically
  • May be a very good listener
  • Is sensitive to music and it may produce strong emotions
  • Notices the background music in movies, tv shows & other media

What You Can Provide If Your Boy Has a Musical Learning Style

Taking some of these items and just setting them around the house is a great idea (and one I use a lot.) It is enjoyable to run across something different that you have not experienced before. I also put things away when my son is done with them and then bring them out again in a while. It works.

Here are a few other things he may enjoy. Click pictures for details.
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Places You Can Take Your Boy To Honor His Musical Learning Style

Bring him to some places that match his learning style. This can be so exciting for them. It opens up new experiences and allows them to meet with people who are doing something they really enjoy.

  • Operas
  • Concerts
  • Musicals
  • Theatre
  • Radio Station tour
  • Orchestra performances

Now you have an idea if your boy has a Musical Learning Style. Talk with him and see what he would enjoy learning about. There are so many choices. Remember, we will be writing more about this in the future if people are interested.

For additional information on learning styles see our Boys Learning Styles Overview which brings you to a page with all of the learning styles on it. Go have a look and see which other styles your boy may have.


Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

Thanks for the suggestions. It was fun to analyze my son's musical preferences to try to understand him better. (I don't think he has a musical learning style, though.) I appreciate the originality of your post! I hadn't read about this topic before.

Sheila Rogers

Friday 4th of December 2015

Thanks much Leslie. I enjoyed reading your comment. Musical preferences and musical learning style can be different. My son is musical but his learning style doesn't really lean that way. I'm glad you found something you could take away from the post.