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Does Your Boy Have an Intrapersonal Learning Style?

Boys who have an Intrapersonal Learning Style learn best when left to themselves. This can be really hard for someone who is not an intrapersonal learner to understand so be sure to figure out if this is how your boy learns best and make accommodations for him.

In our social-oriented world these boys can find harsh treatment.  Give them the gift of time and space and you give them a way for them to be who they were meant to be.

As we all have one to two stronger learning styles be sure to check out our overview as well:  Boys’ Learning Styles Overview.

Does your boy have an Intrapersonal Learning Style? Find out in this article and see what you can provide to help him learn as well as places to bring him to honor his learning style.

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Intrapersonal Learning Style

Does your boy like to keep to himself? Does he enjoy time alone to delve into his passions? He may have this learning style.

He really does best when he has time to himself to work on his projects.  Boys with this style have a deep awareness of their inner feelings and their needs.  They have dreams and ideas but they may not share them with others.

To be honest, I know moms who have a hard time with this learning style as they don’t want their kids to be so isolated and can tend to think of them as anti-social.  These boys are often introverted as well which only adds to the concerns. Try your best to give them the space they need. You might try the book Quiet. While not written with children in mind it really gives some good information on the introverted personality.

How You Can Tell if Your Boy Has an Intrapersonal Learning Style

Here are some characteristics of an intrapersonal learner.

  • Can have a strong personality
  • Doesn’t care for groups
  • Prefers to be alone (I liked this description:  he prefers to bloom in isolation)
  • May like to have secrets or keep secret notes or a journal
  • Intuitive, aware of inner wisdom
  • Goes off on his own toward a goal known only to himself
  • Independent—sometimes called strong-willed
  • Different, unique (in style, dress, behavior and/or attitude)
  • Self-motivated. Don’t even try to stop him from working on one of his projects!
  • Self-confident
  • Lives in his own private world

What You Can Provide If Your Boy Has an Intrapersonal Learning Style

Providing a few key things for your learner can help him to really bloom. Start with a place to keep his ideas safe by asking him what that looks like and branch out from there.

  • Chance to pursue individual projects
  • Place for him to work
  • Time (for projects or thinking on his own)
  • Whatever he needs to complete his personal projects
  • Support of his hobbies
  • Respect for his privacy
  • Tape recorder or Digital Voice Recorder
  • Journals, notebooks, scrapbooks (places to store his ideas)
  • Biographies of strong people who made a difference (in their own way)

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Places You Can Take Your Boy to Honor His Intrapersonal Learning Style

Keeping in mind his preference for alone time is key here. Another way to handle this is to take him places but quietly enjoy them with him.  Give him time to think and contemplate while you are walking and leave when he has had enough.

  • Long quiet walks, hikes
  • The forest, a quiet beach or secluded lake area
  • Meditation or yoga classes (only if interested)
  • Philosophy lectures
  • Travel to remote places off the beaten path

Intrapersonal learners are often driven by their passions and I have to tell you this is a wonderful, I may even venture to say the very best, way to learn. Give him space, give him time, give him the materials and support he needs and he will take it from there.

For additional information on learning styles see: Boys Learning Styles Overview


Monday 7th of December 2015

I love learning about the different learning styles. I never realized what a big impact it could have until I had a child!

Sheila Rogers

Friday 11th of December 2015

I do too Emma, it is fascinating. I agree with you. I never even heard of them until after my son was born.