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Best Books for Boys: Dinosaur Questions and Answers

If your boy is asking a lot of questions about dinosaurs have we got a list for you!

When my son started asking questions about dinosaurs, I said “I don’t know” and “I’m not sure” more times than I care to count! I didn’t know much about dinosaurs at all. So I looked up a lot of things, got a bunch of books, went on the Internet, and we learned together.

We are getting quite the collect of posts on the best books for boys and I thought dinosaur question and answer books needed to go on that list for sure.

So, here you go. A list of books to answer many of the good questions boys ask about dinosaurs. You won’t be at a loss anymore when they ask: How big were the dinosaurs? Is there more than one kind of tyrannosaur? Where dinosaurs good parents? How do we know what they looked like? Or any other pressing questions they many ask.

Best Books for Boys Dinosaur Question and Answer Books

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Best Books for Boys: Dinosaur Questions and Answers:

How Big Were Dinosaurs? by Lita Judge is great for younger boys. Colorful and cute illustrations with facts thrown in is the best way to describe it. I like that they make comparisons in size to living animals boys will recognize. For example: Velociraptor was about as big as a dog.

Where Did Dinosaurs Come From? by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfield. This book tells about the origins of the dinosaurs. It takes you through each period and tells what may have happened. There is a nice period map at the back.

Did Dinosaurs Have Feathers? by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld. The second title in this list by Kathleen also includes a period map at the back. I really liked this book. It is interesting and adds scientific discoveries throughout the book that lead scientists to make the dinosaur/bird connection.

Why Did T. rex Have Short Arms? and other questions about Dinosaurs by Melissa Stewart. Taking one thing at a time, this book goes through some great questions and answers each one. The illustrations are very well done. I like the illustration at the back of the book which shows various dinosaurs and a man so kids can compare the sizes.

Scaly Spotted Feathered Frilled by Catherine Thimmesh attempts to answer the question . . . How do we know what dinosaurs really looked like? Nice illustration style and good photographs.  This book goes into a lot of detail and is well done.

Dinosaur Question and Answer Books

There are a lot of general dinosaur books out there but these focus specifically on answering questions boys may have about dinosaurs.

I hope you and your boy enjoy them and are on your way to becoming dino experts 🙂 Feel free to share your boy’s favorite dinosaur question below.

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