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Dig This Dinosaur Fossils Unit Study

Take a trip to the past and learn about fossils with a dinosaur fossils unit study.

No bones about it, dinosaurs are fascinating.  Many boys go through a dino period in their lives where they live and breathe dinosaurs. At one time I knew a ton about dinosaurs that is for sure. Dinosaur fossils are are a big part of the whole dinosaur appeal.

We went to a very neat exhibit with life-size “fossils.” They were very real looking and it was fun to touch them, see how much they weighed and feel the molded objects. Get your boys having fun learning about dinosaur fossils with this homeschool unit study. Unit studies are a great way to learn as they pull in all sorts of resources, activities and ideas–in this case about dinosaur fossils.

Homeschool Unit Study: Dinosaur Fossils Unit Study with games, videos, art, toys, books, activities and more.

Dinosaur Fossils Unit Study

Use this Dinosaur Fossils Unit Study to explore dinosaur fossils and feed your boy’s need for everything dinosaur.  Studying dinosaur fossils can be very interesting and fun. Watch videos, read books, create some art, play games, and make your own “fossils.”  Enjoy!

Dinosaur Fossil Images:

Well, you would not think it would be that hard to find a nice collection of dinosaur fossil images online but actually it was.

Finally  I found this site and think you will enjoy it.  Plenty of fossil pics to keep your boy happy—even a picture of dino poop.  Yup.  Click on the small dinosaur fossil images to enlarge.

Make Your Own Dinosaur Fossils

Salt Dough:

Use this simple salt dough recipe with plastic dinosaurs to make fossils.

Another salt dough recipe but these are quite realistic looking dinosaur fossils.  They used them in the sandbox for additional play opportunities.  Nice idea.

Here is a favorite from That Artist Woman. Very well done, they are small, detailed and have a nice patina when they are done.

Plaster of Paris:

Make a mold of a plastic dinosaur, use plaster of Paris to create your fossil and decorate however you like—realistic or fantastical.

This video suggests using homemade playdough, Plaster of Paris and chicken bones or a dino template to make your fossils.

Cardboard and/or Paper Mache:

Here is another video that is really interesting.  Made out of cardboard and paper mache for the base and covered with glue and SAND.  Personally not making this because of the sand (lol) but it was fun to watch it come together and enthusiasts might enjoy “messing” around with this one.

This one is a big puzzle of a dinosaur skeleton.  Great for older kids as it is more advanced and really quite an awesome idea.

Dinosaur Fossil Games:

Cartoon-y dinosaur dig game about fossils.  You have to use different tools to uncover the fossil remains of dinosaurs.  For young players. Free online.

Neat dig site game going from finding the dinosaurs and ending with assembling your find at the museum. Free online.

Construct a pile of dinosaur fossils into a complete skeleton.  Completed dino walks off the screen. Free online

Art projects:

Glue resist dinosaur (impressive!)

Pasta for bones and coffee grounds for dirt make an interesting and easy to do picture.

Plus here are some art entry winners from National Fossil Day for inspiration.

Dinosaur Fossils Books:

Dinosaur Fossil Videos:

Watch as The Dinosaur Institute creates a replica of a dinosaur and shows original fossils and the way they construct the replica in museums.  Very interesting.

Digging up a Dinosaur Graveyard.  Short 3 min video.  The music and content might be a bit intense for young. sensitive boys.


Dinosaur Fossils Unit Study: PLAY!

A super way to get kids excited about learning is to just let them play. Grab a couple dinosaur fossil toys and just set them out and see what happens. Then expand the play with other ideas from this unit study.

Dinosaur Fossil Baking Activity:

Oh, and just in case you get hungry while enjoying the resources, you can make these awesome dinosaur fossil cookies to munch on. You could also use clean plastic dinos to stamp their feet in cookies (either before baked or while still soft after baking) or lay them on their sides for a full body impression. These would work well for that idea.  Yum.

Dinosaur Fossils Unit Study with games, videos, art, toys, books, activities and more.

There are so many opportunities to learn! Check out some of the links in this Dinosaur Fossils Homeschool Unit Study and let your imaginations flow.

Dinosaur Fossils—we did the digging so you didn’t have to 🙂 (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

More Resources:

Dig into Dinosaur Fossil BooksDinosaur Facts Lunch Box Notes for Dino Fans and 9 Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers and Their Big Brothers

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Please share this list with other dino lovers using the sharing buttons below and be sure to let us know your boy’s favorite dinosaur fossil resource or experience by leaving a comment.
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