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Geek Mom. Get Your Geek On.

Book Review of Geek Mom.  Super Fun Book!

Geek Mom:  Projects, Tips, and Adventures for Moms and Their 21st-Century Families by Natania Barron, Kathy Ceceri, Corrina Lawson, and Jenny Williams, published by Pottercraft.

Four moms, all writers and all super geeks present a mix of commentary and activities in Geek Mom which is a good read for moms (or dads) and gives kids plenty of fun things to choose from. The activities are unusual, interesting and most importantly engaging.

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Charming, old-fashioned illustrations by Dave Perillo add to the appeal of the book but I was a bit disappointed that there were no “how to” pictures.  I usually like to follow along by looking at the pictures and it is nice to include pics for visual learners as well.

I think you will enjoy the small articles in Geek Mom on everything from “Why Superheroes Matter,” to “The Importance of Role Playing,” to “Why Julia Child is a Hero to All of Us.”  The authors have a good sense of humor but also impart some important information about learning while they amuse us.

Chapter topics include imagination, curiosity into learning, digital, science, food and sewing & crafts.

Each activity is broken down by cost, time, ages, and difficulty, making it easy to choose what would work best for your boy.  These, of course, are just guidelines—want to try something way out of the age range?  I say go for it if your boy is keen on doing it.

One thing that I enjoy and I think you will too, is that they took some basic activities, experiments, and games and then brought them up to date.  In the food chapter they have “Throwing a Hobbit Feast” which sounds much more interesting and fun that making a snack.  Perhaps your boy doesn’t really like to bake cakes but sees the Tetris cake or Chess cupcakes and decides to go for it.  That would be fun (and yummy) for everyone.  Note:  here is where some nice images of completed items would come in handy)

There is certainly enough in this book to keep the whole geeky family happy and if you and your family are not geeky, I still think you will enjoy it—besides you could always come over to the dark side LOL.

Geek Mom: Projects, Tips, and Adventures for Moms and Their 21st-Century Families

Really well done book.  Recommended.