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Action Sight Word Games for Boys Who Have to Move!

Did you know that there are action sight word games? I found nine really fun ones for you and your boys.

Some boys are big into movement and action; in fact it is hard for them to sit still! They need to move while they are learning and when they do both at the same time the learning sticks.

I hope you like these activities for boys. If your boy is starting to read, or wants to review some words, these games will be great for him.

Awesome sight word games for boys who are always on the move! These action sight word games are just right for bodily-kinesthetic learners and boys who don't like to sit still. They can learn to read in a way that works best for them. Click the picture to see 9 fun games.

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Action Sight Word Games

You really are best off honoring their need to be on the move and finding ways help them learn while on the go.  (Read more about Bodily-Kinesthetic Learning Style.)

Break out the water balloons! This one is a winner. They played by throwing the balloons with words into hoops but I am thinking that if he gets it right he gets to throw the balloon at mom!

I played on a few soccer teams when I was young (really!) and think it is an awesome game.  Try sight word soccer if your son is a fan.

Sight Word Basketball? You bet. Dribble to the words for some hands-on reading fun.

Sight Word Target Practice sounds fun! You could do this one a variety of ways. They use stuffed animals.

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Older boys will want to try this target practice idea instead. Slingshot Sight Word Target Practice is very cool!  (This is our favorite slingshot – foam balls are great, let me tell you!)

If you have a boy who likes to stretch and twist about this is perfect for him. The Twister Sight Word Game is just like Twister but with a sight word “twist.” (I had to say it – sorry!)

This action sight word game features running, Star Wars, and LEGO too!  Do you think your boys will want to play? I love that they had to take a little LEGO break to build a ship for the game 🙂

Get the water guns out for this one and tell your boys to get ready to zap those ghosts! The object of this Ghost Zappers game is to find the ghost with a specific word and zap it with your water gun.

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Interactive sight word games are a great way for active boys to learn and remember their words. Let him pick the ones he would like to try and set it up for him. I’m sure you will all have a ball!

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If you like action sight word games, be sure to check out the other sight word activities.

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