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Free Printable Sight Word Game

Crystal, from Crystal and Comp, is visiting today to bring us a wonderful game she made to help her boys learn their sight words.

Sight words are words that frequently turn up while reading. They are not able to be easily sounded out, but need to be learned by sight instead.

Playing a sight word game will help your child learn their Dolch sight words while having fun which means they are much more likely to remember them! ~Sheila

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We have been homeschooling for three years. Our twins were in Kindergarten when we started.

I have taught them how to read- what a huge undertaking, but something I am so proud of.

Learning sight words has been a part of our process. I created this free printable sight word game to make it hands-on and fun.

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Free Printable Sight Word Game for homeschoolers and teachers. Teach kids to learn how to read with Dolch sight words.

Let me just say, I do NOT push my boys to read super fast. I do NOT mandate that they know a certain number of words before a specific time period.

I am relaxed about how they learn and I want learning to be fun and not something they dread. Especially when it comes to reading. I have found, especially with our older boys who are now teens, that boys find a love for reading on their own timetable. We cannot push it unnaturally.

Recently one of my 8-year-old twins was struggling with one of his early reader chapter books and I knew it was time to revisit sight words. Why not make it a game?


Let me show you how we use it!


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Print out the game packet by clicking the link toward the bottom of this post. I highly suggest you print this on cardstock.

This packet is 10 pages total and it includes the board, the cards, the spinner and optional small game piece circles for each player.

If these are too small, just use LEGO minifigs (<<< neat selection!) as your game pieces. Kids love this anyway!

Here is how you assemble.

Work for the grownup:

Use a paper cutter or scissors and cut out the sight word cards.

printable sight words

Cut out the spinner and arrow.

Use a mini brad and piecing tool to attach the arrow to the spinner. Or, you could use a needle to poke the hole. (Remember, this is all part of the grown-ups assembly.)

homemade board game

Now the arrow will spin when flicked by the kids.

printable game spinner

Now, it is time for the kids to help.

Have them lay out the board game and pieces.

You will notice that each group of sight words are color coded. There is also a matching colored rectangle that goes with each set of words. This tells the kids the value of each word.

In the picture below I showed you the words in each color group face up, before you start the game flip the stacks over so that the words are face down.

Have them place their game circles or LEGO minifigs at the start area.

printable sight word game for boys learning to read

Decide the order the kids will go in.

We agreed that the oldest twin go first the first time we played.

We then agreed that the youngest twin would go first the second time we played the game.

Have the first player flick the spinner.

The color that it lands on is the pile they will draw a sight word from. In this case it is the color blue.

how to make a homemade board game

The player draws the top blue card and turns it over.

sight word help

If they can say the word they can move the total number of spaced dedicated to that color.

In this case, the player can move two spaces.

If the player gets the word right, they can hold on to the card.

If they miss the word, the card goes back onto the bottom of the deck.

If the player misses the word he does not move his LEGO figure or player circle at all.

Now it is the next players turn.

Continue this routine until someone lands at the end of the board game and is the WINNER!

diy reading board game for kids

To store the free printable sight word game, place all pieces in a large gallon ziplock bag.

homemade game activities for kids

Free Printable Sight Word Game

How fun is this? Would your boys love to play?

We love making learning fun!

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This sight word ice cream shop has a lot of possibilities.
Grab it here.


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These sight word games are just what boys who are learning their sight words need. They make great activities for boys and are a lot of fun too!


Tuesday 6th of June 2023

Thank you I’m a sub and this is great to do with the students for review as we end the school year ;

Sheila Rogers

Monday 2nd of October 2023

Hi Yolanda! Thanks for stopping by. You are most welcome. I hope your students enjoyed it! ~Sheila


Monday 7th of August 2017


Sheila Rogers

Thursday 10th of August 2017

Hi Sonaia,

Please go toward the bottom of the article and find "Free Printable Sight Word Game > > > click to print the game" Click the blue wording and it will take you to the page where you can print the game. Thank you and I'm happy to hear you like the idea.

Paula Lee Bright

Sunday 13th of March 2016

Some of my students will thrive with this game! I teach the kids who don't learn reading at school,so they have to turn to a tutor if they can't figure out how to provide what's needed on their own.

Once I teach a set of sight words, the parents will love this download as it will give them a fun way to practice the BORING words again and again, which has to happen! Thanks for the resource to offer to them. :D

Sheila Rogers

Wednesday 16th of March 2016

I'm glad to hear that some of your students will enjoy the game. Be sure to send parents to this page so they can download it themselves. Thanks!


Tuesday 8th of March 2016

This is so cool !!! Thank you for this awesome idea.

Sheila Rogers

Wednesday 9th of March 2016

Super Kristina, I'm so glad to hear you like it.

Beth Mattsen

Saturday 28th of November 2015

Thank you so Much! Do have the template available for your word cards? I would like to print letter cluster words on them

Sheila Rogers

Sunday 29th of November 2015

Hi Beth, You are most welcome. No, we don't have a template available - sorry. I'm sure you could make your own.