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Dinosaur Free Printable Sight Word Game

Here is a Dinosaur Free Printable Sight Word Game for you. In creating this our goal was to come up with a game that was hands-on, covered some preschool sight words and kindergarten sight words, and was super fun.

We also wanted it to be quick and easy to set up. I think we accomplished all of these things. All you need to play is our free printable and some plastic dinosaurs.

I made a video to give you some ideas for playing this dinosaur free printable sight word game. Enjoy!
Free printable sight word game played with dinosaurs! Super quick and easy to set up and fun to play. Includes free printable preschool and kindergarten words, and has action words for kids who like to move. Game instructions, free printable, and a video with suggestions for playing this fun dinosaur sight word game are on the website. Click image to access.

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Dinosaur Free Printable Sight Word Game

This sight word game is a lot of fun and is so easy to put together. It will only take a few minutes to set up.

The sight words we used are from the preschool and kindergarten sight word lists.  We choose words that would go well with the dinosaur theme and would involved some action as well.

So you will see up, down, run, and jump in there which means you can get kids moving!

Materials needed

  • Free printable game (at end of post)
  • cardstock
  • paper cutter (this is our favorite)
  • laminator – optional
  • plastic dinosaurs of various sizes

Laminate your printable sight word game and cut out the word cards.

Play this hands-on sight word game with a dinosaur theme. Easy to set up! Use our free printable preschool and kindergarten words chosen specifically for this game. If you have a dinosaur fan who is interested in reading, this is the game for you.

To play the game simply set up a dinosaur scene. I used some felt as well as rocks and trees to give it a nicer look.  It should be inviting.

Lay your cards in groups next to the area.  I put colors together, then little/big, up/down, run/jump and other cards that are similar in little piles.

Let your child pick a card with a dolch sight word on it. We will use the picture above as an example. He picks the card with the word “brown.”  He can then find brown dinosaurs. Easy as that.

Dinosaur sight word game with comparisons such as little and big, up and down and other preschool and kindergarten sight words including action words, colors and more. Free printable sight word game available on

You can also put two cards out and he can sort dinosaur according to the words shown.

Fun, hands-on dinosaur sight word game. Includes free printable preschool and kindergarten words to play the game.

In this case we add the word “find” to other words to let them use two sight words together.  “Find” the “green” dinosaurs as in the picture above or “find” “three” dinosaurs.

When using the action words such as run, jump, up and down you can have them take the dinosaurs and make them jump and run or let them jump and run with the dinosaurs. Many boys tend to really enjoy that part!

For additional ways to play and to see how we set up our game, watch the video below.

Play with the words for a bit and then see if they want to continue. If not, just leave the cards laid out and let them play dinosaurs. They will be learning and using their imaginations.

Please leave a comment to tell me how your boy liked the game and if he came up with any new ways to play.

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Thursday 18th of February 2016

What an awesome idea! And my daughter just got a new dinosaur figurine set for Christmas. We're going to use this version to practice some spelling words!