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Arrr! Play These Fun Pirate Sight Word Games!

Does your boy really get into pirates? Is he learning to read? If you answered yes to either question you are going to love these Pirate Sight Word Games.

Because I know the importance of reading in a boy’s life I am focusing on some fun and free sight word games today.

Play a few of these to see which he likes best. There are some good ones!

From hands-on games to sight word games, I am sure you will find a fun way to play around with words.

Arr! Get these free pirate sight word games for your pirate fan. Your beginning reader will thank you!

Pirate Sight Word Games

Honestly, you would think it would be easy to find pirate sight word games but it was a challenge. I had to dig around (couldn’t resist) for a long time before I found some that you didn’t have to register for or pay for.  I may just have to make some of my own to add to these!

On to the games!

Love this! Very hands-on and also super fun, this activity is perfect for pirate fans. If you think your kids would like to find gold doubloons in sand, this is for you. They use a telescope to search for the words – you could also bury them! Pirate Sight Word Treasure Hunt.

Here are two games based on a 3rd-grade Dolch sight word list. You know your boy and at which age he would be able to use these so don’t let the 3rd-grade tag fool you. As I said, there are two games. One is a bingo game and the other a board game. Both are free printable sight word games. Pirate Bingo and board game.

A nice way to have some hands-on play and learning with sight words is this Pirate Literacy Game. They took stones, painted them gold (for gold nuggets) and wrote the words on the stones. You could create so many different games with this one idea.

This game is called Battling for Treasure and it is played a lot like Battleship. Comes with free printable board and treasure coins.

Seriously cool idea here. This treasure hunt even gets kids walking the plank! It also gets them outside and moving around. It’s great – let the hunt begin!

There you go! I hope you find some fun pirate sight word games to play.  If you are looking for other pirate activities to do, don’t worry, we have a lot on our site.

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Arrr, It Be Pirate Games!

I also have some pirate loving friends that put together awesome posts for you to check out.

Alli at Scattered Squirrel added some free printable flash cards full of pirate terms and their definitions. You have to see them – they are really cute me hearties!

Clare from The Super Mommy Club pulled together a wonderful way to have some pirate-y fun with your kids and help them learn some new skills with these fabulous pirate activities.

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