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The Pirate Unit Study They Will Beg to Do!

Pirates are fascinating, that is a fact. And there is no better way to get in some history than studying all about pirates.

We went through a long pirate phase that resurfaces every once and a while.

My son really loved pirates and it was hard to find enough materials to satisfy him. He wanted to know Ev er y thing!

homeschool unit study is great for this very reason. Don’t let the word unit study throw you off if you are not a homeschooler. Unit study resources are for everyone and they are a lot of fun to use.

This one is all about pirates! From pirate maps to pirate treasure, from pirate flags to pirate weapons, we have it all (and more!)

Best Pirate Unit Study Ever! Your kids are going to love this and they will BEG to learn more and more about pirates.

Pirate Unit Study

Pirate Games

I think games are a fun way for boys to learn.

Try Arrr! It Be Pirate Games for a variety of pirate games online and offline.

Play games pirates may have played, play pirate-y puzzle and physics games, try a few word searches or crosswords, or play a pirate math game.

Pirate Books

There are a lot of pirate books out there but not all of them are good.

Let me tell you, we went through a whole big, huge stack to find the very best ones.

We ended up with a Treasure Chest of Pirate Books for Boys. Enjoy!

We didn’t want to leave out the younger pirate lovers so we put together a annotated list of Pirate Books for Young Buccaneers as well.

There are a couple of ABC books and the list includes our very favorite pirate picture book.

Pirate Ships

Sail Ho! It’s a Pirate Ships Unit Study is all about ships and the pirates who sailed them.

Learn about famous pirate ships, watch a documentary, find out about the jobs on board a pirate ship, find out about ship parts and see diagrams.

Try the sailing simulator,and a few fun activities as well.

Pirate Weapons

Shiver Me Timbers, Pirate Weapons!

Great info on pirate weapons including diagrams, videos, games, books, toys and DIY pirate weapons too!

Pirate Maps

Ahoy There! Play games, use interactive maps, see pirate navigation instruments, make a pirate map and a telescope +. Homeschool Unit Study: Pirate Maps and Navigation

Pirate Flags

Learn all about Pirate Flags with this fun unit study which includes information on famous pirate flags, symbolism, links to pictures of flags, the Jolly Roger, as well as pirate flag activities for boys.

Pirate Unit Study for Preschoolers

Make a compass, try some fizzing treasure chests, go on a treasure hunt to practice mapping and literacy plus more hands-on activities.

See my guest post on 3Boys and a Dog Homeschool Unit Study Pirates! for Preschool Boys.

Pirate Sight Word Games

Play these fun Pirate Sight Word Games if you have a young buccaneer who is learning to read.

More Pirate Fun!

Pirate Facts Lunch Box Notes are great to slip into a lunch box or to set beside a homeschool lunch.

Make this Pirate Perler Bead Trio. It is a fun and easy project idea.

A bit of pirate humor for you:  Funny Pirate Books to Make Boys Laugh. These books are great!

Learn About Pirates Matey with this Pirate Unit Study. It has EVERYTHING you need to learn all about Pirates.

I found a really cool robotics kit that lets you combine LEGO and their blocks. You have to see this! (with #ad Home Science Tools.)
Robot Blocks and LEGO - Cool Way to Learn About Robotics
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Learn about pirate maps and navigation! Part of an awesome pirate unit study that kids absolutely love.
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