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Pirate Facts Lunch Box Notes

We started with LEGO notes and now we are on to our second set of notes. I went with pirates as they go well with a lot of other things we have on the site such as our Homeschool Unit Study: Pirates and the boys I know have all gone through a pirate phase.

Pirate Facts Lunch Box Notes have some interesting facts about pirates. There are a lot of myths surrounding pirates and I tried to find info to dispel some myths as well as provide some neat tidbits about pirates and their lives.

Once again these are a free printable because I like free and I like to make them for you and your kids.  I know you appreciate the printables here on our site so I thought these would be fun.

Ahoy! Grab ye some Pirate Facts Lunch Box Notes to put in your buccaneer's lunch box. They all have neat pirate tidbits. Click the picture for your free printable lunch box notes today.

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The information on these notes is super fun to share with friends and family! Did you know that buried treasure is mostly a myth?

Check out the nifty pirate lunch gear. Click on the picture to view. I found a lunchbox, cookie cutters and a freezer pack – sweet!

For more notes like these Pirate Facts Lunch Box Notes see these LEGO Facts Lunch Box Notes.

If you are looking for more Pirate Awesomeness, we’ve got it!

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