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Wow! Free Printable Star Wars Sight Word Games

Want some free printable Star Wars sight word games?! These are great for your Star Wars lovin’, lightsaber swingin’ kids who are learning to read.

Try a few of these free printable sight word games and see what they think. If their will is strong, they will be at one with the reading force in no time.

Looking for some fun and free sight word games to play? Try these Star Wars printable sight words games! Break out the lightsabers, grab some sight word lists and have a galactic blast learning to read. Click image to see the games

Printable Star Wars Sight Word Games

Taking something like Star Wars and adding in a bit of reading in can be a great way for kids to learn. I suggest you do these sight word games with a child who is interested and engaged. In other words, this is suppose to be fun, so don’t force it (a little Star Wars humor there 🙂 .)

Star Wars rules in many households – especially right now! Bring a bit of fun into learning to read with these great Star Wars sight word game printables.

This active game features Darth Vader! Use the free printable to create a fun game to play.

Sort words that are printed onto Star Wars character cards into groups with this game. There are a variety of ways to play.

Free the Star Wars Sight Words from the empire! This sight word run game is great for active kids. Words are written on the sidewalk with chalk (you could easily print out your list of words on paper and do this inside as well) and kids run to the word and read it.

Star Wars : 1st Grade ReadingStar Wars : 1st Grade ReadingStar Wars: 2nd Grade ReadingStar Wars: 2nd Grade ReadingStar Wars 6 Book Set: Level 1Star Wars 6 Book Set: Level 1Star Wars: Blast Off! Level 1Star Wars: Blast Off! Level 1L1: LEGO Star Wars: A New HopeL1: LEGO Star Wars: A New HopeL2: LEGO SW: Empire Strikes BackL2: LEGO SW: Empire Strikes Back

Here is a free printable list of sight words done Star Wars style. You can likely think of a lot of things to do with this list. It is broken down by grade but just follow your child’s lead in which words he would like to learn.

A group of 200 Fry sight words on Star Wars themed sight word cards to play games with.

Use some of the free printable lists above and play this game. The Lightsaber Sight Word Game will have kids swinging lightsabers and reading.

Printable Star Wars Sight Word Games will be a hit with your beginning reader!  May the reading force be with you.

Want some free Star Wars printable sight word games?! These are great for your Star Wars lovin', lightsaber swingin' kids who are learning to read. Click image to see the games. May the reading force be with you.

If you have a big Star Wars fan on your hands be sure to check out our other Star Wars resources:

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Learning to read doesn’t have to be a chore and it certainly shouldn’t involve tears. You can really make it enjoyable and fun.

Many times, reading comes naturally, if you let it. I have a natural reader in my home who enjoyed playing around with words – in fact, he still does. If these games were around when he was starting to read, he would have liked them.

Hello! If you are looking for a great Sight Word Game reading program be sure to sign up for this 30 day free trial. The program has really cute ideas, kids love it and . . . this research-based program has even increased reading scores by 74%!! That is pretty darn impressive, right?

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Mother of 3

Wednesday 27th of January 2016

What a great list! We play tons of Star Wars sight word games around here.


Thursday 17th of December 2015

Love all your ideas, but these Star Wars ones are perfect for my 9 yo boy who has been dying for the new movie to come out. Now, if I could only get him to enjoy writing!

Sheila Rogers

Friday 18th of December 2015

I am so happy to hear that Heather. Not sure if you saw this but there are some ideas that might work for writing here: Get Boys Writing! Learning Styles Writing Tips for Boys