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6 Rube Goldberg Machine Videos to Inspire You

Some time ago we wrote an article sharing some cool Rube Goldberg Machine™ videos  and we are back again today with more videos.  These are so much fun to watch that every once in a while I go through and find a bunch that my son and I can watch together.

Since I know some of you are also into Rube Goldberg, I am sharing them here as well.

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Inspiring Rube Goldberg Machine™ videos you don't want to miss. See teen boys create 6 machines, an awesome food-based machine, an incredible domino chain reaction and a Rube Goldberg Machine™ that took over 5000 hours to build and more!

Rube Goldberg Machine Videos

This machine is a commercial that was done for Target. It is very clever and uses veggies, kitchen utensils and appliances to create a Rube Goldberg Machine™ that will serve up a slice of tomato on a hamburger.

High school seniors spent time building 6 machines instead of going to class.  It took a lot of tries to make the machines work properly. Just think of how much they learned on their own! (fyi there is a bleeped out word at the very end of the video.)

This one is not flawless. They had to help it along in a couple of places but it is amazing none-the-less. I was intrigued with all of the different ways they used to keep the Rube Goldberg machine™ going! It runs through their whole house and out into the yard.

Here is a domino chain reaction with several popular characters in it. I think the kids will really like this one!

I’ll let their YouTube description tell you about this amazing machine: “The Purdue Society of Professional Engineers team smashed its own Guinness world record for largest Rube Goldberg machine with a 300-step behemoth that flawlessly accomplished the simple task of blowing up and popping a balloon. The team spent more than 5,000 hours constructing the machine that accomplished every task ever assigned in the competition’s 25-year history, including peeling an apple, juicing an orange, toasting bread, making a hamburger, changing a light bulb, loading a CD and sharpening a pencil.”

Here is a super Wallace and Gromit:  The Wrong Trousers:  Crackling Toast! cartoon to watch!  I wasn’t able to embed this video into our article so you will have to pop over to YouTube to watch it. Wallace and Gromit cartoons always have clever machines in these and I think it is one of the reasons they are so popular.

We really enjoy Rube Goldberg Machine Videos! Hope you enjoy them as well.

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