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Rube Goldberg Ideas

Need Rube Goldberg Ideas? We have them!

When I think of great hands-on learning experiences one of the first things that comes to my mind is Rube Goldberg Ideas.

Creating a Rube Goldberg Machine™ has so many types of learning involved in it. It requires designing, building, critical thinking, engineering, inventing, experimenting and much more.

We have a lot of different ways you can check out things out. Begin with learning about Rube Goldberg and books about his life. Watch some videos and try building some Rube Goldberg Machines™ of your own.Rube Goldberg Contraptions are delightful ways to do something super simple in a complex and wonderful way. Try some Rube Goldberg Ideas today.

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Rube Goldberg Ideas

Incorporating these Rube Goldberg contraption ideas into your child’s education (homeschool, after-school or extended) is a wonderful, enriching way to get them learning in a very fun, and sometimes challenging way.

Who Was Rube Goldberg

The very best place to start learning about Rube Goldberg is with this post all about the man and his life. In Who Was Rube Goldberg we cover all the facts in an easy to read article. From when and where he was born to what he is famous for to why he made his sons change their last name.

Rube Goldberg Books

Learn all about Rube Goldberg (and yes, there really was a man named Rube Goldberg,) with these Rube Goldberg Books. There is a lot of information about the man, his cartoons, and his wonderful, fascinating machines.

Rube Goldberg Cartoons

While his most famous cartoons feature Rube Goldberg Machines (and we share those as well,) Rube actually wrote a lot of different cartoons over his lifetime. Take a look at the big variety of cartoons he drew in Rube Goldberg Cartoons.

Rube Goldberg Unit Study

Play and Learn with Rube Goldberg is a big unit study with all different types of great activities to do. Great for all ages.

Rube Goldberg Videos

Be Amazed and Amused with Rube Goldberg Video features 8 different video examples of delightful machines–we love them!

And here are 6 more videos including a chain reaction.

LEGO Rube Goldberg Machines

Oh boy, you are in for a treat! Do not miss these LEGO Rube Goldberg machines. You can get great ideas from them for building your own machines, or just watch and enjoy the chain reactions. I chose the best videos out there and made sure they meet the Rube Goldberg machine definition.

Rube Goldberg Challenge Idea

Open a Door With a Rube Goldberg Machine. Try these fun ways to do the simple task of opening a door.

Rube Goldberg Tasks and Materials

Rube Goldberg Ideas: Tasks & Materials to Make Your Own Machine. Awesome materials to use plus a Rube Goldberg task list to give you plenty of great ideas for making your very own machine.

Rube Goldberg Games

A collection of Rube Goldberg Games that are free to play online.

Rube Goldberg Ideas are plentiful and I really think if you try making your own inventions you will all have a great time building together.

Use these as exercises in creativity and get in a bit of STEM learning as well.

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