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Rube Goldberg Ideas: Rube Goldberg Games

If you have visited Brain Power Boy before you know that we love Rube Goldberg machines and one of our favorite ways to play around with this concept is through Rube Goldberg Games.

We have played a lot of these chain reaction games for three reasons. First, they are a blast. Honestly, they are such fun to play. Second, you learn a lot while playing them. Third, they are a challenge. It is always great to challenge the brain!

We work together on them and figure out what to do. We each have different ideas and get to learn from our experiences together. Remember, there is more than one way to win at Rube Goldberg games!

For all of the Rube Goldberg articles we have so far, visit our Rube Goldberg Ideas page.

Play these free online Rube Goldberg Games for a fun learning experience that will give your brain a workout! Links to other Rube Goldberg ideas included.

Rube Goldberg Games

For our first Rube Goldberg Machine™ game try Tinker Ball.  It is a quick little game. However, you can make a lot of different versions with the one setup they give you using the tools you have (gears, tubes, springs, funnels, hammer, cans.)

Dish it Out a foodie Rube game. This is another rather simple game and might be fun for younger kids. What I like about it is that it allows you to continue if you don’t get it right the first time and there are a lot of little tweaks that can be made. You are working primarily with ramps in this game. The dog is a friendly cartoon character that will likely appeal to everyone as well. Cute!

Mechanical Madness is an interesting Rube Goldberg game. You have boxes that do specific functions. You have to put the green boxes in the right places in order to move the ball through the machine.  A little tip on getting started is to just put the different green boxes next to the first pink box to see what they all do. That way you can try to logically decide where to place them.

Here is one kids are sure to like – especially if they are fans of Phineas and Ferb! Chain Reaction is a blast. The tool bar at the bottom has arrows on either side of it. Use that to get to more tools! The first time I played I had trouble getting the marble into the bucket but then realized there were better things to use – I just couldn’t see them at first.

We mentioned Dynamic Systems in our Play and Learn with Rube Goldberg Machines (link below.) I was excited to see that they made a follow-up game: Dynamic Systems 2. Getting the ball in the bucket isn’t always too hard at the beginning, but doing so while collecting the star can be a challenge. For younger kids, skip the stars if you wish. Highly Recommended.

Want more games?  We have six more Rube Goldberg games, along with a lot of other fun Rube things in our Play and Learn with Rube Goldberg Machines article so be sure to stop by and play some more games and see what else there is to do (hint – a whole lot!)

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