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Artist in LEGO Bricks Interview Series: Bruce Lowell

Interview with Bruce Lowell

If you like LEGO, I’m sure you already know who Bruce Lowell is.  If you have not heard of him yet, you are in for a treat.

Either way, Bruce is well-known in LEGO circles for his wonderful brick creations.

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Artist in LEGO Bricks Interview Series Bruce Lowell | See Bruce's creations and hear his tips for LEGO and learning. | BrainPowerBoy

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What a pleasure it is to get to interview Bruce Lowell.

We are big fans of his clean building style and his classic builds such as View Master and Cozy Coupe. Oh, before you scroll down I wanted to point out that Bruce is sporting a LEGO tie, boutineer and pocket square in the picture above 🙂  Isn’t that neat?

LEGO Viewmaster Bruce Lowell. Interview | BrainPowerBoyLEGO Cozy Coupe by Bruce Lowell. Interview | BrainPowerBoy

Like many boys, Bruce started building with LEGO when he was a child.

He says he was building before he could walk!  Bruce had a few of his builds featured in The LEGO Movie including a donut and a taco.  How “Awesome!” is that?

He was featured in the book Beautiful LEGO which has some incredible builds in it.

Bruce Lowell pieces from the LEGO movie + Interview | BrainPowerBoy

For Bruce, LEGO is mostly a hobby but he does some commissions.  I would imagine that he will be doing additional commissions as more and more people find out about his work.  We hope he will be building for a long time to come.

Interview with Bruce Lowell

I asked Bruce to give us some information about LEGO and learning and to share any advice he has for boys who can’t get enough of LEGO building.

Sheila:  What kind of things did you enjoy playing with when you were a child?
Bruce:  LEGO! I could create anything from sculptures to dioramas to X-Wings, when I finally found Star Wars at around age eleven. I had a lot of toys that would come and go, but LEGO has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember, and it’s always been fun.

Sheila:  In what ways can boys continue to work with LEGO as they grow older?
Bruce:  I think part of the genius of LEGO bricks is that they are a means and not an end; they can adapt to a boy’s changing interests, whether they be dinosaurs or superheroes or war recreations. This is true for me as well. Once I saw that LEGO could be a serious artistic medium, it became the material through which I express myself creatively. Some artists use marble, some use clay, some use paints. I use little plastic bricks.

Sheila:  What have you have learned from playing with LEGO?
Bruce:  People need a means through which to express themselves, and LEGO art has provided me an outlet for my creativity. While I do enjoy sketching, painting and sculpting, I think the built-in limitations of working with LEGO provide an added creative challenge that I’m always willing to take on, and I have focused exclusively on LEGO art as a result. I can’t even begin to know how much playing with LEGO bricks has helped with my mathematical, analytic and creative skills. Not many other toys can claim to enrich the minds of their users as much as LEGO.

Sheila:  Do you have any advice for aspiring LEGO creators?
Bruce:  Think outside of the box. Look for cool new ways to use pieces and to fit them together. Find inspiration everywhere, and build outside of your comfort zone. Most importantly, make building fun. After all, it’s just a toy!

Artist in LEGO Bricks Interview with Bruce Lowell | BrainPowerBoy

Bruce has some great comments about LEGO and boys’ learning in the interview.  LEGO is seriously fun but there is also serious learning going on while playing with it. Here is a favorite quote:

I can’t even begin to know how much playing with LEGO bricks has helped with my mathematical, analytic and creative skills. ~Bruce Lowell

Special thanks to Bruce for taking the time to answer a few questions, share his images and talk about his love of LEGO with us.

You can find Bruce at on Pinterest, and Flickr  where you can see more of his work.

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