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LEGO Designs: Easy LEGO Gift Mosaics

These LEGO Gift Mosaic builds couldn’t be easier. They are so perfect for young builders to make. Take a basic square and add a bow to the top for this simple and cute LEGO design idea.

Nothing beats LEGO for getting kids thinking. The best part is they can create a gift mosaic that is all their own. They can make it as symmetrical or as free-form as they wish. They can go with just a few Christmas colors or they can go wild and have every color of LEGO brick they can find.

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Super easy LEGO Christmas project that young builders can make. Click through for some guidelines for building a LEGO gift mosaic.

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LEGO Gift Mosaic:

Here are a few little tips to help you build these with a younger child. I am not going to go through each step in the building process as I usually do because you can simply take a look at the pictures to get an idea of what we did. Our builds were 10 studs tall by 10 studs wide and we added a bow to the top.

  • You need to start with a building plate (this is the best deal.)
  • You can make the gift mosaics as big or a little as you wish. The only limitation is the size of your plate.
  • The younger the child is the bigger I would go so that it is easier for them to put the pieces in and have a chance to design.
  • If you wish, you can build the outer square and they can fill it it with their design.
  • Let your child go wild with color if they want to.
  • You can make rectangular LEGO gift mosaics as well.

Have fun with it!

We played around a while and came up with a few designs that we liked. This is a very creative project in that you can make them however you wish. This project is great for younger kids who may not be ready for our LEGO Christmas Scene.

I found this free printable LEGO gift box in case you need one for giving a LEGO gift this year.

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