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Easy to Make LEGO Easter Duck

Make your own LEGO Easter duck!  It is easy to do and doesn’t take very many pieces.

I’ll be honest, I was trying to make an Easter chick when I made this (ahem, bit of a fail,) but it ended up looking more like a duck so that is what we went with!

We set out to make some Easter LEGO Designs and ended up with three LEGO ideas (the others are coming soon!)
Looking for an easy-to-build Easter LEGO design? Try this funny duck. Isn't he cute? Directions for building the LEGO Easter Duck can be found by clicking the image.

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LEGO Easter Duck

Oh, what a funny LEGO Easter duck this is! Follow the directions below for help in building him.

If you don’t have the exact pieces I show here, improvise! There are so many ways to make this and part of the fun can be taking the design idea and making it your own. Encourage your kids to experiment.

The LEGO duck is only 6 bricks and a roof tile high.

You will need two colors of yellow bricks, orange bricks and 2 eyes.

Starting from the bottom:

  • Feet: 1 orange slope piece and 1 orange 1×1 directly behind the slope
  • Body: stack 2×2, 2×4, 2×2 yellow bricks

Part of the instructions for building a LEGO Easter Duck.


Use the image above to help you build the LEGO duck’s head.

  • Bill and head: 1 orange slope piece for the bill, 2 yellow 1×1 w/stud on one side (for attaching the eyes,) 2 1×2 yellow for back of head, 4 darker yellow 1x1x 2/3 roof tiles for the top of the head.
  • Eyes: we used the google type eyes for the duck. Move the eyes around to find the look you like best.

Add the head to the body and you have your funny LEGO Easter Duck.

He was a lot of fun to make. I really enjoy building with LEGO. It is creative and rather relaxing. Well, except when they fall apart!

We got our bricks from a box that is similar to the one shown below.

If you like this LEGO Easter Duck be sure to see our other designs. Thanks much for visiting. Oh! and if you plan ahead you can make a few Easter desserts and have one when you are done building.