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Make A LEGO Minifig Card

Become a Minifig!  Create a LEGO Minifig Card.

LEGO Minifig Card BrainPowerBoy

You can change your family into #LEGO Minifigs with a LEGO Minifig card.  How fun is that!? This is just a neat little project for the whole family.  Share your card on FB, Pinterest, Twitter or via e-mail.  You can also download it and use it in other ways.

My husband is a magician, I am prematurely grey (lol) and that my friends is a BrainPowerBoy 🙂  You can change scenes, change the holiday message to fit your family, and even add pets as well.

Enjoy playing around with this one.  I don’t know how long it will be up but I do hope they do it again next year.

You can go here to see if the card option is active right now.


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Artist in LEGO Bricks Interview Series: Chris McVeigh
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