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Make Your Mom Feel Special with These Personalized Gift Ideas

Looking for something to make mom feel special? Well, look no further! We’ve got a curated list of personalized gift ideas that will let her know you took the time to choose something unique.

Whether it’s a custom photo block, a cute shirt, a photo blanket or a sweet pillow with a picture of her and the kids, adding that personal touch turns it from an ordinary gift into a truly unforgettable keepsake she will treasure. Scroll down and discover the perfect way to show your mom just how much you care!

You might wonder . . . What is the best gift for my mom? Good question.

After years of gifting, I’ve found out that the best gifts are personalized!

Finding a gift for your mom does depend on her tastes and interests, and because personalized items allow you to add special photos and customization they are much more meaningful! You won’t go wrong with a personalized gift for mom.

Consider what your mom enjoys and what would be special to her, click through on one of the options below, easily add special photos & customize with names and you will have the perfect gift for mom!

NOTE: the designs below can be transferred onto other products available on Zazzle. You are sure to find something she will love.

image showing customized gifts moms will cherish

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to you and your family.

Best Mom Ever Modern Three Picture Photo Block

pretty wildflowers at the top with best mom ever script and three photos

Pretty Best Mom Ever photo block with beautiful watercolor wildflowers. Hand lettered script calligraphy and a place for three of your special photos. Add the kids names to make this a keepsake she will love

Boho Rainbow Shirt for Mom

tshirt for mom with boho rainbow and mom in script typography

Take a boho rainbow, add leopard print and a heart, slip in trendy typography with the word mom and you have the perfect gift for your mom! This is a simple option! You can add her name instead of mom for personalization.

Best Mom Ever Modern Photo Fleece Blanket

one photo simple best mom ever hearts blanket with kids names

Keep mom cozy with this lovely Best Mom Ever hearts one photo blanket. Features sweet watercolor hearts with amazing hand lettered script text and a place for your special photo. Add kids names to make this a fleece throw she will enjoy using. Such a wonderful gift idea!

First Mother’s Day Photo Collage Floral Throw Pillow

pillow for first mother's day with beautiful pale pink roses and three photos

Buying for a first time mother? You won’t go wrong with this First Mother’s Day design with beautiful watercolor roses and greenery. Hand lettered script calligraphy and a place for three special photos along with baby’s name will make this a keepsake new moms will treasure

First Mother’s Day Photo Tote Bag

first mother's day two photo roses tote bag

I’m sure you will agree, a woman’s first First Mother’s Day is extra special! Give her this keepsake gift with roses, pretty script text that says First Mother’s Day and has a place for your two special photos. Add baby’s name and the date of her first Mother’s Day to make this a memorable gift she will never forget

World’s Best Mom Greenery Two Photo Keychain

world's best mom greenery design keychain with two photos

A keychain is a great gift idea for the mom on the go! After all, she is going to see it most every day. She will be really touched to receive this World’s Best Mom design with greenery and a little bit of sparkle. Add two special photos and children’s names to customize.

Best Mom Ever Photo Collage 3 Ring Binder

best mom ever crown and hearts in gold with 12 photos binder

Some moms just need a crown. They do so much for their families and they really are the best. This binder has room for 12 photos! It is so nice and believe me there may be a few tears when she sees it! There are so many uses for this nice binder! She can use it for recipes, to keep special papers, kids artwork, household organization and more. Gather your photos and get it today.

Best Mom Ever Modern Photo Coffee Mug

mug with best mom ever and a little watercolor heart add your photo

Coffee loving mom? This sweet design is a winner! The front says Best Mom Ever with a little watercolor heart and the back says With Love and has a place for the children’s names. Includes a place a special photo in the middle. 

Simple Mom Photo Case-Mate Phone Case

phone case with one photo and the word mom with three hearts

Grab a photo of mom with the kids or one with the kids – either way this is quick to pull together. Three watercolor hearts and room for kids names with touch her heart. Makes a great gift for mother’s day, mom’s birthday or just because. Wait until you see the look on her face when she opens it!

I Am a Strong Woman Plaque

plaque with I am a Strong Woman

Simple and powerful, this I Am A Strong Woman, Because a Strong Woman Raised Me plaque will mean so much to your mother. Grab a photo of the two of you together to make it a piece she will enjoy displaying on her desk or next to the couch.

Best Mom Ever Photo Mother’s Day Fleece Blanket

blue best mom ever blanket with hearts

A wonderful photo gift to show mom how much you love her. The script and serif fonts say best mom ever and there are hearts all over it. Sweet!

Mom Photos Things We Love About You Poster

poster with the word mom and a list of the things they love about her

I really think this is neat! Get together your siblings and make a list of things you love about your mom, add some favorite photographs and you have a gift she’ll cherish! 

Chalkboard Floral Photos Pillow

chalkboard flowers on a dark pillow with family photos

The florals on this dark pillow are so pretty. This trendy design with its three-photo collage is the perfect gift for your mom. She will never forget it!

Mom Photo Collage Custom Coffee Mug

photo mug with mom and heart in purple

The perfect gift for a mother who deserves to feel appreciated. My mom loves her coffee mugs! This one lets your mom know how much you love her with a fun font, a heart and several photos.

13 Photos Collage Family Monogram Acrylic Print

family plaque with room for 13 photos

This modern photo collage has space for 13 photographs around the word Family in a bold font, there is also space for your family name. It is a gift she will adore!

Modern Personalized 12 Photo Collage Clock

12 photo customized photo clock

Upload 12 photographs, and you’ve got yourself a personalized photo collage clock that she will be thrilled to receive!

Family is a Gift That Lasts Forever Fleece Blanket

family photos blanket

Get those photos off your phone and onto one of our multi-photo collage designs where you can see them and enjoy them every day! Grab 15 photos and you can make this cute family blanket in no time at all. Super simple to do!

Best Mom Ever Modern Four Photo Poster

four photo poster with best mom ever in script at the bottom

Take a modern photo template, four of your photos and a few minutes of time and you have this sweet gift idea. So lovely.

The bond between a mother and child is unlike any other, and giving her a personalized gift, made just for her, is a wonderful way to let her know how much she means to you. Whether it’s a customized photo block, a cozy blanket with a photo of mom and the kids, or a binder for her special keepsakes, your mom is sure to appreciate your thoughtful and sweet gesture for years to come. So go ahead and create a one-of-a-kind gift that will show your mom just how special she is and how much you love her.

examples of custom gifts that show mom your love