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I wrote an article about LEGO Play and Learning

My article LEGO + Play = Fun Learning for Boys has been posted on 3 Boys and a Dog

I did a guest post for the blog 3 Boys and a Dog  on Play and Learning while building with LEGO.  3 Boys and a Dog is a great blog and I think you will all enjoy what Kelli has to offer over there.  I hope you will all go and check out my guest post.

article on LEGO + Play = Fun Learning for Boys.

Find out:

  • Why it is such a great toy,
  • What your boy is learning by playing with LEGO and
  • What you can do to encourage LEGO play.

If you enjoy the article be sure to leave a comment over at 3 Boys and a Dog and share it with others.  You can also leave me a comment here 🙂  Thanks!