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Best Books for Boys: Brick Wonders

I found a new book called Brick Wonders that I think LEGO fans are really going to like!

It is definitely one that needs to go on our LEGO books for boys list.

Today we are reviewing Brick Wonders: Ancient, Modern, and Natural Wonders Made from LEGO by Warren Elsmore.

Warren Elsmore really does it again with Brick Wonders. This is an excellent book and we have been enjoying looking through it. We loved his book Brick City so much we invited him for an interview! See link at bottom of post.

New best books for boys review on Brick Wonders | Brain Power Boy

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to boys. A special thank you to Ella of Quintet Publishing Limited for supplying the images for this post.

Brick Wonders Book Review

Brick Wonders is all about building and sharing the Wonders of the World, LEGO style.

It includes easy-to-follow directions for more than 60 small projects. Quite a lot to love about that. I like it when a LEGO book is not just a showcase but also gives ideas and details so that you can create these builds at home.

The book starts with information on finding bricks, building tips, sorting and storing, online resources and much more. That front section is really helpful for any LEGO builder. Warren mentions that he and many other LEGO brick artists use CAD software when designing their builds. (Your boy can use it too! See more info LEGO Movie post.)

Brick Wonders Book Review

After the intro he gets right into the Brick Wonders.

Ancient Wonders

He begins with The Ancient Wonders which include The Great Pyramid of Giza and building directions for a mini sphinx and a very cool scarab. There is also a Trojan Horse, a Chariot and The Lighthouse at Alexandria.

Historic Wonders

The next section is Historic Wonders which starts with The Wall of China and includes Old London Bridge (fabulous) and more.

Modern Wonders

Next is Modern Wonders. This is a bit different than what I was expecting as it includes Modern Medicine and Modern Communication and other topics such as this. A little odd as I was thinking this would be more focused on buildings or structures. He did include Mount Rushmore and The Hoover Dam which was good.

Best Books for Boys Brick Wonders

Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders is the last part of Brick Wonders and it is my favorite. I am rather fond of LEGO mosaics and the first build is a mosaic depiction of Aurora Australis. The Great Barrier Reef is awesome! It includes directions for a clown fish, butterfly fish, and coral so you can make your own reef. Fun!

One thing I like for its interest and learning aspect is the inclusion of historical and background information for each “wonder.” Whether for one of the bigger builds that is eye candy in the book, or for the smaller builds that come with directions, each one includes a blurb telling about it. Boys will learn a lot just by looking through the book and reading those little bits of valuable info.

Enjoy the book  and build some mini landmarks. (Stop by to see our LEGO Landmarks post as well!) It is a good book that deserves a look and would make a nice addition to any LEGO lover’s library.

Best Books for Boys--new LEGO title, Brick Wonders


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