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DIY Sand and Water Tables You Need in Your Backyard!

In the summer time it is wonderful to get outside and play with water and/or sand. One of my favorite ways of doing that is with sand and water tables.

Some of the tables I have selected are just for water and some have bins for water and sand.

Do keep in mind that you do not have to limit yourself with these tables. You can use a whole lot of different things for them to play with.  They are super versatile!

These DIY water and sand tables are just what you need for your backyard! If you want to make a water or sand table these are the ones you HAVE to see!

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to boys.

I’ve come up with a short list of ideas for you to use in the water tables. Think of them as fun water table add-ins.

  • If you have water you can add in a little bit of blue water coloring to add to the fun.
  • Include water beads (these are our favorites and they are a great value!)
  • Try rice! You can even make colored rice to make it more interesting.
  • Use something squishy like slime or oobleck. You may want to put a tarp down, depending on where you are using the table.
  • If it is extra hot outside, some ice cubes would be perfect to add in to the water.
  • Or, fill the whole bin with ice and grab some salt for your kids to sprinkle on it to help it melt.
  • Use toys such as funnels, sieves and scoops for sand, water, try some or other fun options as well.
  • One thing we loved to do in sand was to fill a ketchup bottle with a mixture of sand and water to use to make designs or mini castles.

There are so many fun ways to use them!

Find the perfect water table to make! Tap or click to see them all. (also includes some super sand tables as well)

Sand and Water Tables

Some of these tables are just for water and some have two containers so you can put sand in one and water in the other.

As I said above you can also use anything you like in them. Don’t limit yourself (or your kids!)

Be sure to check out the table with water bubbling up! It is way cool.

Beautiful Wooden Sand and Water Table

Sand and Water Table with Chalkboard Cover
Oh my goodness, but this one is a looker. I love that color of blue! The features are awesome as well.  With its two containers you can do sand and water or fill both with either one.

I really like how they pulled this table together and it even has special features. First, there is a storage shelf underneath it so items stay off of the ground. Then it has a closing lid so bugs or debris won’t get into the containers. Lastly, the back of the lid is a chalkboard!  How cool is that?!  Blue Wooden Activity Table

Cheap Water Table

Easy Cheap Wooden Water Table Idea
So clever! They took a utilitarian cement tub, built a wooden frame and made a water table for their toddler.

Using scrap wood and a few supplies they had around the house, this table came in at under $11.00.  That’s the way to do it!  Cheap Scrap Wood Table

Kitchen Sink Water Table

Kitchen Sink Water Table Mud Kitchen
Brilliant!  If you are looking for a kitchen sink project for the backyard, you have to try this.

I really like it and think kids would get so much use out of it for water play but also for imaginative play as well. It would make a fabulous mud kitchen.

Made from a recycled double kitchen sink and pallets it couldn’t be easier. And it looks pretty cool as well.  Recycled Kitchen Sink Table

Easy Sensory Water Table

Pallet Wood Sensory Water Table
This water table is all about sensory play.  The nice wooden stand is made from a pallet and they added a simple plastic bin to hold the water.

Sometimes, simple is all you really need.  Sensory Water Table

Farmhouse Style Sand and Water Table

Farmhouse Style Water and Sand Table with Covers
If you like to add a bit of style to your backyard, try this farmhouse style option. It is pretty great looking.

What stood out for me on this one was the way they inserted the bins so they would be able to place the plastic covers over the top when it is not being used. Smart!  Stylish Sand and Water Table with Covers

Water Table with Pump

Water Table with Pump for Bubbling Water
I so wish I had seen this when my son was little because I would have totally made it for him.

Going to water parks is a lot of fun and one thing that little ones are always attracted to is the water bubbling up from the holes in the ground.  This is that type of water play at home!

You do not need a whole lot of supplies, though you are going to have to have a pump.  He lays out exactly what you need and has a wonderful tutorial for making this. You should be able to do it with no problem.  Bubbling Water Fountain Table

Water & Sand Coffee Table

Coffee Table Water and Sand Table
Take an old coffee table, give it a coat of paint if needed and drop a couple of plastic bins into it and you have a great idea for a play table.

If I were making it, I would be likely to cut bigger holes and use bigger bins but you do it however works best for you!  Recycled Water Table Idea

PVC Pipe Water and Sand Table

PVC Pipe Water and Sand Table
This is a must see table. It is really well done and your kids will love it. There is one large bin so one needs to use either sand or water at one time.

The top pvc section for pouring water in funnels is an incredible added feature that you will certainly want to include.  PVC Water Table

Three Level Water Table

Triple Level Water Play Area
This three level table is pretty slick looking. I like that it almost has a waterfall style to it.

As he mentions, it can be used for rice, sand, or other sensory items in addition to water. This would look great in a garden setting surrounded by plants as well as on a deck.  Very nicely made!  Custom Bin Table

Ikea Hack Water and Sand Table

IKEA Hack Trofast Water and Sand Table
I had to include an IKEA hack table!  This one is made out of the TROFAST.

One nice thing is that you get the storage as well as a smallish footprint which is great if you have a small patio or do not want a large table in your yard.  Small Water Table

Do not miss these water tables that will turn your backyard into a fun, cool place to enjoy!