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Superman Crafts You’ll Really Want to Make!

I have gathered all kinds of Superman crafts for you, or you and your kids, to make. If you are a fan of the man of steel, then this is the post for you!

Making crafts is a lot of fun. I have been a crafter for as long as I can remember.  Our family is also fond of superheroes so we are working on superhero crafts.

Today we found a bunch of cool ones to share with you. Take these ideas and fly with them.

Superman appeared in Action Comics #1 in the early 1930s. He is Clark Kent, journalist for the Daily Planet, until he needs to help someone in trouble. Then he turns into Superman with super human superpowers!

Time to take a look at the cool crafts!

Superman fans will just love making these Superman crafts! See all of the awesome ideas by tapping or clicking now.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to boys.

When we were looking for crafts to feature here we had to dig a lot which rather surprised me because in the world of comics, Superman has always been very popular.

We did find some winners though and are sharing them with you today.
Make a fun Superman craft with your kids!

Superman Crafts

Whether you are looking for an easy craft to make with the kids, something to make for your favorite Superman fan, or perhaps a craft to make and give as a gift (or even to keep for yourself!) we have you covered.

Superman Tube Craft

Superman Cardboard Tube
This cute Superman craft tube project is easy enough for young children to do. She has good directions and photos to guide you through. Superman Cardboard Tube

Felt Superman Logo Craft

Felt Superman Emblem DIY
This was made for Father’s Day, thus the Daddy on it, but you could totally make it without adding that stitching in. I like how it turned out. You could add it to a shirt or a small pillow if you wanted to as well.  Superman Felt Logo

DIY Superman Coasters

Superman coasters
You won’t want to miss these Superman Coasters. Pretty cool, right?! I think so. With the right fabric you can make your own. I think these would make a great gift idea.  Superman Coasters

Superman Tooth Pillow

Superman Tooth Holder
If you need a super cool, superhero style pillow for the tooth fairy, you have to take a look at this pattern.

It is Superman and the tooth (and subsequently money) goes into the logo which is actually a little pocket. Adorable! LindyJDesign

DIY Metropolis Buildings Craft

Superman Cardboard Buildings
Here is a craft project that turns into a playset. Very easy to pull together with some recycled boxes and simple supplies. The kids will really enjoy playing with it!  Superhero Play Buildings

Superman Cork Craft

Superman Cork Figure
Oh boy, this is so clever. Take a look at the cork Superman!  Ha!  If you have a just a little bit of painting talent you can make this.  Superman Cork

Amigurumi Superman Crochet Pattern

Superman Crochet Pattern
If you like to crochet or know someone who would love a little Superman crochet amigurumi doll, you have to get this pattern. He is crazy cute with plenty of style.  MonsterHook

Superman Rock Painting

One craft that is very popular again is rock painting. I found this Superman rock painting project on YouTube.

If I were doing it I would likely switch from paint and a paintbrush to my favorite markers for rock painting because getting the fine lines around the logo would be too hard for me.

Superman Yarn Wreath Craft

Superman wreath
This Superman wreath is made from yarn! It is a great project to do with kids because not only is it easy but it looks great. They can hang it in their bedroom or on their door.  Superman Wreath

DIY Superman Comic Book Craft

DIY Superman Comic Container
Take some Superman comics and make this wonderful container.  You can store all of your fun superhero stuff in it or keep it for special notes or whatever you may wish to store. Superman Containers 

DIY Superman craft ideas you can totally make. See them all by clicking or tapping now.


Thursday 25th of April 2019

The coasters look like a fun and useful craft my boys and I will both enjoy! Did you make them yet, and if so, do you have recommendations for buying supplies in the U.S.? The links in that tutorial were to UK sellers or broken links. How thick should the cork be? Amazon sells small "self adhesive" cork squares that are 1/8" thick, and then larger squares that would have to be subdivided for coasters (12"x12" squares, 1/2" thick). The tutorial uses cork that appears thicker (1/4"?) and lacks "self adhesive". Will the adhesive interfere with the ModgePodge or Lamifix? The Lamifix was easier to find - it is made by Pellon and is available by the yard from Amazon and craft stores.

Sheila Rogers

Thursday 25th of April 2019

Hi Mary, They are very cool but no, I have not made them yet. Sorry the links on the site were broken. I can see how it would be a bit confusing on what to get because of that. I took a look at what you wrote and what I see on Amazon and here is what I think. It seems like 1/8 inch thickness might not be quite thick enough. I see some that are 1/5th inch thick and those look like they would work. They have both square and round in that size and they are not self adhesive. I'll give you links below. If you use self adhesive cork coasters then I believe you could skip the Mod Podge because it is being used to basically glue the fabric to the coaster. The only thing I would be a bit concerned about is if the adhesive on the self adhesive coaster would be strong enough to hold fabric. If you used Mod Podge on top of the adhesive . . . I don't really know what would happen so I can't speak to if that would be a good idea or not. Here is the link for the round coasters. And here is one for some square coasters.