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Spider-Man Crafts: Super Ideas You Need to Check Out!

You don’t even need spidey-sense to make these fun Spider-Man Crafts! All you need is a few supplies in red and royal blue and a bit of time.

Spider-Man was created by Stan Lee and has been popular since the early sixties. After Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider he gained his superhero powers. It is hard to choose if climbing walls or shooting web from his wrist is the favorite! Either way Spider-Man is a hit!

We found a bunch of crafts that Spider-Man fans will totally enjoy. Make one or make them all!

They are going to be fun to create and you won’t need to get bitten by a spider to use your crafty powers to make them.

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Super Spider-Man Craft Ideas! Crochet, comic letters, mask, pillow case and much more!


This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to boys.

There are a big variety of crafts for kids here and even few that adults will enjoy making. Whether you are doing them with your kids, or making them for them, (or for yourself!) you are going to find something you will just have to make.

Need a fun superhero craft project? How about trying some Spider-man crafts? Click or tap for a lot of cool ideas!

Spider-Man Crafts

The first one I am sharing are two Spider-Man food crafting ideas! You could make one on its own for a neat kitchen craft project, but even better, make one and use it on the day you plan to make the other crafts. Double enjoyment!

There are plenty of other craft ideas to choose from below as well.

Spider-Man Food Craft

Spider-man food craft
These Spider-Man food crafting ideas feature a web quesadilla, a Spider-Man head egg and a web sandwich. What a super way to enjoy lunch time.  Spider-Man Food Craft

Cardboard Tube Spider-Man Craft

Spiderman Cardboard Tube
This one is pretty easy to make, but looks mighty cool as well. It uses a cardboard tube! I think it is pretty great. Cardboard Tube Spider-Man

Spider-Man Pillowcase

Spiderman Pillowcase
There are a few ways you could go about making this Spider-Man pillowcase.

You can sew, glue, or use fusible web.  I would probably go with the web myself, both because it would be the easiest way to make it, and because . . . web is totally what Spider-Man is all about! lol  Spiderman Pillowcase

Spider-Man Pencil Holder Craft

How about a Spider-Man pencil holder? That would look great on the desk of any geek.

Because they are using an aluminum soda can, an adult may wish to do the cutting part. I, personally,  would cover those edges with some tape (this one is cool!) or something to make the can easier to handle because the edge would be pretty sharp. Other than that, the rest of the project is great.

Watch the video for directions!

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Easy Spider-Man Paper Plate Craft

spider man paper plate
This is a nice craft for preschoolers. All you need is a paper plate and some paint.

You can either make it as shown, or as they also suggest you can cut holes in the eyes and make it into a mask. Cool!  Spider-Man Paper Plate Mask

Spider-Man Holder for Your Locker

If you have a locker at school, you need this!  It is a recycled water bottle project with a Spidey twist. The item has a magnetic strip on the back so you can attach it to your locker. Pretty neat idea, right?!

In the video she makes the Spider-Man version so be sure to watch her easy-to-follow instructions.  Spider-Man Locker Holder

Letter Craft with Spider-Man Comics

Spiderman Comic Letters
Here is a fun one to add to a wall! Especially if your child has a superhero or Spider-Man themed bedroom.  It would also look great in a play room or TV room.

There are step-by-step instructions for you to follow. You provide wooden letters and the comic books. If you don’t want to do a name, you could use a big wooden S  like the one I found on Amazon. Spider-Man Comic Letters

Spider-Man Bookmark

Make a Spider-Man bookmark! This easy to do superhero corner bookmark will be a hit.

Pair it with some of the books from our Superhero Picture Books  or Superhero Origin Stories for an extra special blast of superhero fun.

Felt Spider-Man Mask

Spider-Man Mask
I really like to craft with felt, and this Spider-Man mask looks like it would be an easy project to make.

It would be great for a Spider-Man party or for open-ended imaginative play as well. Spider-Man Mask

Spider-Man Amigurumi Pattern

Spiderman Amigurumi Pattern

If you like to crochet and make Amigurumi dolls you are going to have to get this Spider-Man amigurumi pattern!  It is amazing what a crochet hook and a bit of yarn can make! I just love it. Find it from KSunnyHandicraft

Crochet Spider-Man Hat

Spiderman Crochet Hat
Oh boy!  This is great. Grab your crochet hook and either do this one up yourself or teach your kids to crochet.

This Spider-Man hat has directions and the stitches are very simple.  Crochet Spider-Man Hat

Awesome SpiderMan Crafts to Make Yourself!