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Super Cool Superhero Crafts for Boys To Enjoy

Do you have a big fan of superheroes on your hands? You have to see these superhero crafts for boys.

I believe that the best way for boys to learn is through play, and if your boy doesn’t seem interested in craft activities sometimes you just need to find a way to inspire him to get involved.

Which is why I pulled together this collection of super cool, superhero crafts that your boy is sure to love!

Crafting is a wonderful way for boys to use fine motor skills, creativity, and more. Once they get started with crafts, they usually end up wanting to make a lot of things.

Superhero crafts that boys will enjoy! Want to get boys crafting? Give them something that they can really get into. Spiderman, Batman, The Hulk, Captain American and more! These superhero ideas are super cool! Click picture to go to the article.

Superhero Crafts for Boys

My friend Clare from Just Bright Ideas has stopped by today to share these totally awesome Superhero Crafts That Boys Will Enjoy!

Superhero ideas! Cuff, paper plate craft, cape, craft stick superhero

1. Avengers Bookmarks Craft“The Avengers have quite a few super heroes, these bookmarks include The Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man.

Get creative and make more of The Avenger super heroes!” – Crafts by Amanda

2. Superhero Paper Plate Masks

“My son absolutely loved making and wearing these superhero paper plate masks. These masks have been worn by all the kids since they were first made, and I made a free template printable for you so that you can easily duplicate the idea with your own kids.

You will have templates for Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man and Batman.” – Meaningful Mama

3. Superhero Cuffs “Dressing up is a must at our house. My son is never just chilling in his own clothes there is almost always a costume, some accessories or at the very least a hat to support his pretend play that starts when he wakes up and ends when we wrestle him into his PJs for bed.

This cuff craft was done spur of the moment when my scarf wrapped around his shoulders was simply not enough costume to be a superhero. It was so easy and if you don’t have foam on hand, felt, paper or even stickers would be great options. The foam has held up really well , we made this almost a month ago and it’s still going strong.” – No Time for Flashcards

4. T-Shirt Capes

“With all the superhero movies around, my two youngest kids love to play supers. Capes are usually towels or old scarves we find at thrift stores.

I decided to upcycle some old t-shirts into new superhero t-shirt capes. To make them special, I created superhero logos with stencils using Glad Press’n Seal. You can do this, too!” – The Tiptoe Fairy

Batman cuffs paper bag superhero and masks

5. Superhero Masks“Today, we are sharing our DIY Superhero Masks! I really wanted to do a birthday party craft activity of sorts with the kids at my son’s Superhero birthday party.

In my view the key to any party activity is simplicity and preparation. . . . Red Ted asked if we could make masks” – Red Ted Art

These would be a great superhero craft for preschoolers.

6. Superhero Cuffs

“I’m always looking for new and creative toilet paper roll crafts. I love making things with recyclables and everyone has toilet paper tubes! My four year old son is currently superhero crazy so I thought what better than making some superhero cuffs?

We both had a blast with this simple project and the results yielded hours of imaginative play. We enjoyed some great creative time together and then Mommy got a nice break while her little superhero set out saving the world. You can’t ask for much more than that!

So don’t toss those toilet paper rolls, they can be transformed into something truly super!” – Kid’s Activities Blog

7. Cardboard Tube Wrist Cuffs “If your child loves Batman, then this Batman craft is the perfect project! They only take five minutes to make and use supplies you most likely have around the house.

Spend a few minutes making these cute cuffs and your superhero fan will be courageously saving Gotham City in no time flat.” – Crafts by Amanda

8. Paper Bag Superhero

“With just a few simple steps you too can help create this awesome superhero guy in no time. Then use the leftover mask pieces to let the kids run around and play with.

It’s a crafty activity that can last ALL afternoon long!” – Glued to My Crafts Blog

Find a total of 12 superhero crafts including how to make a huge comic book, comic magnets, tp roll batman and robin and popsicle stick superhero with cape.

9. Popsicle Stick Superheroes“We really didn’t do anything too special to the sticks themselves BUT the end result turned out pretty cool.

PLUS this is a great craft for those crime fighting boys in your life, to get involved with since superheroes are the “thing” right now!” – Glued to My Crafts Blog

10. Batman and Robin!

“These cute Batman and Robin characters are based on the Lego Batman Movie.

They have been created from cardboard tubes – my all time favourite material!” – The Craft Train

11. Make Your Own (Giant) Comic Strip“Although we have worked on small books before, when he was obsessed with Star Wars, I knew I wanted to make the comic big because my son’s fine motor delays means he had trouble drawing in small spaces.Plus, it’s always good to combine gross motor movement with fine motor work.” – What Do We Do All Day

12. Superhero Comic Book Magnets

“The flea market has been literally packed with boxes of comic books lately. Sure there are some collectible books for sale, but there’s an overabundance of older comic books that aren’t worth a ton of money, and those are the ones I’m after.

I had a bit of fun making these superhero inspired magnets: Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, and yes, even Robin.” – Crafts by Amanda

Superhero crafts for boys including masks, cuffs, capes, magnets, bookmarks, comic book ideas and much more! If you want to get him making crafts, you can't go wrong with superheroes!



Clare sure knows her super hero crafts for boys, doesn’t she?

If you enjoyed these projects Clare would love for you to stop by and visit her at Just Bright Idea where she rounds up the best crafts for kids she can find on the web.

She has craft projects for kids of all ages from toddlers right through to teens (and even some for moms too!)

Be sure to check out our Superhero Craft Kits That Are a Big Hit With Boys! It has a lot of fun crafts for boys.

Superhero Picture Books for Boys

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BOOM! POW! BANG! These are the very best superhero craft kits out there that have awesome boy appeal! These are a BIG hit with boys!! Click to see them all now.


Thursday 7th of September 2017

Great ideas, thankyou. But why are you posting these "for boys"? Rather than for superheroes? Please, girls are superheroes too!

Sheila Rogers

Wednesday 20th of September 2017

Hi Carrie,

My website is geared toward activities and learning ideas for boys. The author of this post said boys will enjoy these. I'm certain they will. If you want girls to use them, feel free. No one here would ever say that girls can't use the activities or that girls don't like superheroes. Thanks for stopping by.

susen @Dabbling Momma

Sunday 18th of October 2015

great favorite is the paper bag superhero!!


Sunday 20th of September 2015

It's great to have a craft roundup for boys! Love all of these fun ideas to keep them busy. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

Sheila Rogers

Sunday 20th of September 2015

Thanks Erlene, I'll pass your nice comment on to Clare.


Wednesday 16th of September 2015

Love these! The bookmarks are my favorite! We're definitely going to try the popsicle stick superheroes too! (Can you tell I have a huge superhero fan in my house? ;) )

Sheila Rogers

Wednesday 16th of September 2015

That is great Emma, I'm glad you found some superhero things to do with your daughter. I didn't know she was a fan - what fun.