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Linking Paper Clips Magic Trick: They Magically Attach!

Here is a fun (and secret — shhh!) way to join two paperclips together without touching them using magic!

You can call this trick linking paper clips or jumping paper clips. No matter what you call it, you will love the effect as the paperclips join together magically. How cool is that?

Using only simple household items, this is an amazingly fun and simple magic trick for kids.

Magic Trick shows dollar bill and two paperclips.

To get started all you need is a dollar bill, or a piece of paper cut to the approximate size of a dollar bill, (technically, 2.61 inches wide X 6.14 inches long but it doesn’t need to be exact) and two paper clips. We use the larger clips as they seem to work better.

My husband is a professional magician and he made a video for you to make learning the trick easier.

Be sure to watch the video directly below a few times to get the hang of how to place your paper clips because that is the key to the secret.

Watch closely where the paperclips are placed on the dollar bill and leave the paperclips sticking up a little bit.

Video will either play immediately or after a very short ad.

The key to getting good at magic is to practice . . . practice . . . practice.

Practicing before preforming is something all magicians do!

They want to make sure the trick is performed properly so they can amaze their audience.

Dollar bill and two paperclips for jumping paperclips magic trick

Linking Paper Clips Magic Trick

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 3 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: 0.00

Join paperclips together without touching them using magic! You only need a dollar bill and two paperclips to do this simple magic trick. It looks amazing but is easy to do once you know the secret trick.


  • 1 Dollar Bill
  • 2 Large Paperclips


  • No extra tools needed


  1. Hold your dollar bill in your hand. Fold it over about 1/3 of the way. Insert your first paperclip to hold the fold in place.dollar bill folded with first paper clip attached
  2. Turn the dollar bill around and fold it 1/3 of the way. Now you should have an s shaped dollar bill. Add your second paperclip to hold the fold in place.dollar bill folded in s with paperclips for trick
  3. Make certain your paperclips match what you see in the video and the pictures.side view of dollar bill with paperclips attached correctly
  4. Grip each side of your dollar bill.two paperclips attached to dollar bill
  5. Tell your audience that you will link the paperclips without even touching them. Or use the script in the video. Say a magic phrase or word - abracadabra always works! Next, pull quickly and steadily (but not wildly) on each side of the dollar bill.dollar bill in hands with two connected paperclips
  6. If you did it correctly, the paperclips will link and be joined when they land.paperclips magically attached together off dollar bill
  7. Lay out the dollar bill and the linked paperclips. Bow and take in the applause from your amazed friends and family!dollar bill and two paperclips for jumping paperclips magic trick


TIP: Leave the paperclips sticking up off the dollar bill a little bit when you are attaching them.

Practicing is the way to make this trick amazing. You need to do it a lot of times so that you can easily set it up and have it work each and every time.

A couple of extra tips about doing magic:

  • Never do a trick more than one time in a performance. Otherwise your audience may be able to see how you did it.
  • Take your time. Go slowly and build up to the trick.
  • Hold out your hands and do a little bow when you are done. This shows the audience it is time to clap.

I hope you enjoyed the linking paper clips magic trick.

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Stay Tuned! A Fun Magic Class is Coming Soon . . .

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