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Non Candy Valentines for Boys: Quick & Easy for Moms!

Need a fast and easy solution for Valentine’s day? Something quick and easy for you that your boy will want to hand out on Valentine’s day? Grab these non candy valentines for boys.  Order, stick a tag on them, slip them in a bag, and be done.

This idea is for busy moms who do not have a whole lot of time to make handmade valentines yet want their boys to have something cool to hand out at their classroom valentine exchange or party.

I went over to Amazon and found the best valentine favors, bags and tags. All you have to do is have him pick which one he wants and place the order.

He can write his name on the tags attach them with included string or use tape. Super duper simple and quick.

Since you are in a hurry, I’m not even going to write much here – let’s go!!

Grab these non-candy valentines for boys to hand out. They will love them and it is super easy for you.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small amount, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. All opinions are my own and I share things I think would be of interest to boys.

Non Candy Valentines for Boys

I let you know how many items are included in each set. If there are not enough you can order a couple of them, or find a set with a bigger quantity.

Oh, and I added some packaging options at the bottom of the post as well. Remember quick and easy is what we are going for here!

Dinosaur Valentines for Boys

First up are dinosaurs. Dinos are super popular with boys and these minis are great.

As you can see by the picture, there are 72 in the package. If your boy has a class of 30, they can each have 2 and he will have a few left over to play with as well.  (72 count)

Slip them into a baggie and maybe pop a puffy dinosaur sticker on the outside as well.

Airplane Valentines For Boys

Cool! These are flying paper airplanes cards.

I like how the hearts are incorporated into the design, yet the designs still look very boy. They include 4 different designs. (32 count)

If 32 isn’t enough order multiple sets or try the ones below.

Next up are these nifty foam gliders. You get an assortment of easy-to-assemble gliders. They come in their own bag. (72 count)

Eraser Valentine Favors for Boys

These puzzle erasers  are fun! They come apart and they can try to re-assemble them into the cube.

The puzzle itself is likely going to prove too hard for young boys (preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade) but boys older than that are likely to be able to do it. Some may need help.

If you are not super concerned about them getting it back together, it is a really neat eraser. (12 count)

If your boy loves nature and animals, these zoo animal erasers are really nice. They are actually puzzle erasers too! They come apart and you can then put them back together.He could give them dis-assembled or assembled. Either way, they are a fun non-candy valentine idea. (32 count)

Sticky Stretchy Non-Candy Valentines

Boys love these! There is nothing better than stretchy and sticky lol

And, FYI what they mean by sticky isn’t that they are a bad sticky, but more of a tacky sticky, and for some reason guys really like that.

This Amazon’s choice set includes large sticky hands, wall climber men, sticky hammers, sticky animals, stretchy flying frogs, and sticky frogs. (72 count)

Boy Friendly Slap Bracelets

Some boys do think these are fun. If your boy does, I found the very best set because there are a lot of designs in here that are very boy friendly.

Plus, he can select who gets what because there is a big variety. (72 count)

Tattoo Non Candy Valentines for Boys

I grabbed the Fortnight tattoos for two reasons.

The first is that the game is still crazy popular and boys are playing it whenever they can.  The second is because of how the tattoos are spaced on the sheets.

These come on 10 sheets with 6 per sheet.  You can give the whole sheet if you don’t need very many, or buy multiple packs or . . . you can cut them either in thirds or in half so kids get 2 or 3

tattoos each. (60 count/10 sheets)

Grab the Fortnight tattoos or any of these other tattoos boys will like.

Candy free valentines for boys to give out. They will love these and it is super easy for you as well. Order, bag, give.

I also thought the funky heart tattoos were pretty neat as well if you want to stick to a more traditional heart idea. They are individually packaged.  (72 count)

Bubble Wand Valentine Favors

These mini bubble wands with a heart on top, make nice classroom valentines because there are 40 in the pack.

Bubbles are always fun!

Tie a tag to the heart opening at the top of the wand, or slip them into the bags I featured below and you are done. (40 count)

Squishies Non Candy Valentines for Boys

I won’t bore you with how long it takes to find boy stuff, you probably already know.

It isn’t like boys don’t like squishies! They do. They just don’t really want the little cutesy ones (or if they do, they may not want to hand those out in a valentines classroom exchange.)

Anyway, these are great for giving out in the classroom. You get 30 random

slow-rising squishies per order. (30 count/random)

Emoji Plush Key Chains

What a great idea! These plush emoji key chains are perfect.

The vast majority  of kids like emoji and they can use them for keys or to hang on their backpack. (30 count)

Fidget Non Candy Valentine Favor

How about an extra strong sensory fidget toy to give to classmates? I think this is a super idea!

There is a marble inside that they can slide back and forth and the outer fabric is textured as well. Perfect for fidgety boys and their friends. I liked the big color assortment in this set as well. (24 count)

LED Finger Lights for Valentine’s Exchange

If you get these sets you will certainly have enough. You could even give a few of them if you like, or save some for other occasions.

The red and white are the most valentine-y of the bunch but boys really don’t care about that I don’t think. These have good ratings. (100 count)

Die Cast Cars for Boys Valentines

These die cast cars are the best deal I could find on a decent car. There are about 10 styles and they come out to less then 19 cents a piece (at the time I wrote this.) Can’t get much better than that for a metal car.

They are not Hot Wheels quality (if you want those they will run you a little over a buck a piece here) but they are not plastic and have good reviews overall.


Here is what I suggest you use for tags and bags.  If you have ziplock bags at home you may be able to use those instead but these will make things look a bit more polished.

These tags are red with a heart at the bottom, are big enough for them to write on and come with string to tie onto an item or you can tape or slip them into a bag as well. (100 count)

Or if he might like something a bit plainer, go with white.  If he has to write his name and the child’s name he is giving it to he can likely fit it in, or use the front and the back. (100 count)

Clear cellophane bags with colorful ties can hold the items you select.  See what he likes best. (200 count)

There are also valentine options available if he would like those better.

Just check the bag size against what you order below to make sure it will fit.

I hope you found some non candy valentines for your boys to give for Valentine’s day and, that I made your life a lot easier because you can just order and package them up quickly.

Whether he needs to get a bunch for classmates in school, or only needs a few for homeschool co-op or a group activity, I know he will find something here he likes. And, you can get this done with a few clicks. Super fast and easy.

Quick and easy valentines for boy. Click and order from Amazon, slip into a bag, slap on a tag and you are DONE! Great for busy moms!!