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Learning about History: People Historical Coloring Books

One relaxing and interesting way to learn about history is through coloring.  Really!  These people historical coloring books cover historical figures and ancient peoples.  I am impressed with how much historical knowledge is retained just by using them.

I suggest you try to get a topic that your boy is interested in as that will make it more likely that the book will be used, that your boy will enjoy the process of coloring in it, and that the information learned will be retained.

These coloring books are an inexpensive and enjoyable way to get a bit of history into your days.

Although these are coloring books, I am adding them to our best books for boys list because they fit there the best, and because they really are interesting books.

Learn about history while coloring? Yes! These inexpensive coloring books provide interesting text and wonderful pictures to color. Click picture to see all 13 books.

People Historical Coloring Books

There are quite a few different topics done in historical coloring books. We covered two other historical coloring book lists earlier: wars and warriors and vehicles. This is the third topic in this series and it is all about people in history.  We have chosen ancient life, explorers, medieval life, and the ever-popular pirates because those are the topics we thought boys would be most interested in.

Ancient Life

  • Life in Ancient Rome Roman cultural life, major landmarks, leaders and daily activities.
    Life in Ancient Egypt Pyramids, the Sphinx, temples of stone, including the life and customs of ancient Egypt.
    Life in Ancient Greece  Greek life and culture: the Parthenon, the Olympian games, the trial of Socrates, Aristotle tutoring and more.
  • Life in Ancient Mexico  Mysterious religious rites, warriors in battle, Mayan sculptors, astronomers and so on.


  • The Lewis and Clark Expedition  Lewis and Clark and their team went out to explore a vast wilderness of 825,000 square miles purchased from the French. Covers highpoints of expedition.
  • Exploration of North America Exciting, detailed depictions of important events in western exploration including The Vikings, Columbus’ ship Nina, Ponce de León, Verrazano and 35 others.
  • The Story of the Pilgrims Thirty easy-to-color pictures of how the Pilgrims made their way to the New World and established a settlement at Plymouth.(text and coloring pages are easy – for younger kids)

Medieval Life

  • The Medieval Castle  Learn all about castle life and see views of the castle’s moat, drawbridge, dungeon and the castle under siege.
  • Life in a Medieval Castle and Village Daily activities in castle, village, monastery, field, and forest, tournaments, sieges, banquets, battles, and fairs.
  • Medieval Jousts and Tournaments This is an exciting one. Medieval tournaments come to life through mêlée, a free-for-all, a dying knight receiving last rites, ladies of the court choosing a knight-of-honor, and so on.
  • Knights and Armor Coloring Book Accurate, detailed drawing to color of Vikings, Crusaders, Italian Condottiere, Spanish foot-soldiers, Richard the Lion-Hearted, Henry the VIII etc.


Grab a few of these people historical coloring books and enjoy sitting down, relaxing and coloring – all while learning about history.

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