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Shark Activities That Will Blow You Out of the Water

As part of the activities for boys series we have here on the site, we went looking for the very best shark activities and we found some great ones. I can’t wait for you to see them.

If you too are involved in all things shark, or if you are just looking for some fun things to do for shark week, this is the roundup for you.

Super Shark Activities that are great for Shark Week or any time. Shark games, sensory shark ideas, shark lacing card, and more.

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Shark Activities

Sharks! Oh boy, I certainly remember the shark phase that occurred in our household. It was all shark, all the time for a while there.

We read shark books, played shark games and pulled out all of our plastic shark figures to tell long involved stories. My poor characters died rather grisly deaths by shark attack. Along the way we learned that not very many people actually  die by shark attack.

Isn’t it great when kids have an interest that gets everyone learning all types of new things?  Love that.

This sensory bin is filled with water beads and . . . sharks!

Learn the names of different sharks while playing bingo.

Save those empty water bottles. This Shark Sensory Bottle is top notch. Enjoyable to make and super relaxing and mesmerizing to play with.

Learn and lace with these very neat Shark Lacing Cards with added facts bonus.

Make an origami shark by following the instructions in this video

This Clothespin Craft Activity is easy to make and sure to get boys giggling. Think shark bites!

I am in love with this Shark Game from Molly Moo and I am sure you and your boys will be too. The goal is to find the clown fish and not get stopped by the sharks. She includes free printable game tiles on her site. So nice!

Here are some fun (and inexpensive) ideas if you are looking for more shark goodness.

Enjoy these shark activities for shark week or at any time of the year.

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