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Star Wars Gifts for Boys – Must See Ideas for Your Favorite Fan

If you are here for the Star Wars Gifts for Boys you are in luck! We have the very best gift ideas that they will absolutely love!!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away is the famous beginning to an amazing series that captured the hearts of movie goers everywhere.

Of course, there is a lot a incredible merchandise that goes with all the Star Wars movies.

Picking the best of the best is our job (we actually specialize in gift ideas for boys!) which makes your job of selecting what you want for your boys so much easier. Easy is nice, right?!

We have Star Wars gift guides for each age range and a whole lot more. This is an ever growing list of gifts so be sure to save it and come back.

Star Wars Gifts Ideas for Boys that they will totally love. Includes Star Wars gifts guides for boys from age 3 to teen!

Why buy Star Wars gifts for boys?

I think that question is has a pretty simple answer. Because they love Star Wars.

I don’t think you would be here if you didn’t already have a fan on your hands. I know we have quite a bit in the way of Star Wars goods at my house.

They have some really cool stuff and it is always super fun gift to give and get!

What are the best Star Wars Gift for Boys?

I’m glad you asked.

The best of course, is somewhat subjective as the best for each person isn’t going to be the same.

However, we sifted through all the the gifts out there and only put the ones that are of high quality, have good reviews and are, in our opinion, excellent, on our lists.

That makes finding the good stuff so much easier.

The best thing to do is to check out a few of these lists. You can start with the by age lists and then move on to the others.

The best gift will be one that matches your boy’s interests, will keep him engaged, make him smile or even get him super excited to receive it.

We have everything from shirts to toys to home decor (think cool poster or clock for their room) and so much more.

You have to see these Star Wars gifts for boys. They are awesome!

Quick little story.

I went to see the original Star Wars movie in the theater and I remember thinking about how very different the movie was than anything else I had ever seen.

It was incredible.

The story grabbed you right away and didn’t let go even after the final credit ran. We all wanted to see it again – right then!

The movies certainly were popular, and stay popular throughout the years.

When George Lucas decided to make additional Star Wars movies, the excitement built and the feelings  surrounding the first movie rose to the surface again and got an even bigger fan base. Star Wars has held strong for many years now.

Giving a Star Wars gift is sure to be a hit, not only because of how popular the movies, books and merch is, but because Star Wars is also associated with great memories for a lot of people.

And, the obsession is real.

True Star Wars fans can never get enough of all of the light sabers, storm troopers and the dark side.  Others enjoy Luke, Leia, Han and Yoda. Either way, they are going to really love these ideas.

Star Wars Gifts for Boys

Star Wars Gifts for Boys By Age

We break it all down by age to make it easy for you to shop. If your boy is on the outskirts of a guide, for example he is 5 years old, then be sure to check both the 3-5 guide and the 6-9 guide as there is certainly some cross-over.

The Best Star Wars Gifts for 3 – 5 Year Old Boys Little guys like Star Wars too and we took care to pick the gifts that are both age appropriate and wonderful for boys 3 – 5 years old.

The Best Star Wars Gifts for Boys 6 – 9 Years Old This is the age when boys are starting to understand the Star Wars stories much better. We feature books, toys, building sets and more.

Incredible Star Wars Gifts for Guys 10 – 12 years old This is a great age for all things Star Wars. They get the story, they understand the good vs evil and they can understand the jokes! We gathered together a super collection of items they are sure to like.

Epic Star Wars Gifts for Teen Boys Let’s not forget the teen boys! They like Star Wars too. Everything they want is included here. Includes some more grown up choices such as clothing and room decor.

Inexpensive Star Wars Gifts

Star Wars Gifts Under 10 Dollars! 50 Plus Ideas Fans Will Love!! These are seriously great gifts that are under 10 bucks. Seriously! You cannot go wrong with anything on this list and nothing in here will break the bank. Plus, some are so cheap you can actually buy several items and still stay under $10.00. Cool, right?!

DIY Star Wars Gifts

DIY Star Wars Gifts That You Simply Must Make! Sometimes you just want to get crafting and make a gift. We have some great selections here!

Star Wars Books

Star Wars Activity and Coloring Books grab some activity books or coloring books. These are nice on their own, as stock stuffers or Easter basket fillers, and also to include with the other gifts above as a nice extra.

The Best Star Wars Dictionaries and Encyclopedias are great if you have a fan who needs all the details! These books give a lot of information on the characters, the movies and all things Star Wars!

As I said, this is an ever growing list of Star Wars Gift Ideas for Boys. If you have an idea for a list, feel free to leave a comment and I will see what I can do for you.

Thanks for stopping by!