Han Solo in Carbonite Soap

Han Solo in Carbonite Handmade Soap
Remember when Han Solo is trapped in carbonite in The Empire Strikes Back?

Well, you can re-create that scene with this handmade soap! Han Solo Soap

R2D2 Pencil Holder

This colorful R2D2 pencil holder cup is super easy to make. All you need is a can and some felt.

Perfect for adding to the desk of your favorite guy to remind them of their favorite droid.  Star Wars Pencil Cup

7 | Death Star Globe Decoration

Grab an old globe that you have hanging around, or take a trip to a thrift store to get one, and transform it into this fun Death Star room decor item.

It is amazing what a bit of paint and some ingenuity will get you. Super awesome! Globe Made into Deathstar

Porg Crochet Amigurumi

Star Wars Porg Crochet Amigurumi
Oh gosh but they are cute!

You do not have to go to Ahch-To to see the Porg. Instead you can make some yourself.

Perfect for fans of these avian creatures from The Last Jedi. Porg Amigurumi Pattern {Etsy}

DIY Star Wars Applique Pillows

Star Wars Applique Pillows
This project does involve some sewing.

The applique is made with felt and is ironed on though so you could simply use a ready made pillow and iron the felt onto that (or even glue it with this!) Applique R2D2 & BB8 Pillows

Easy DIY Star Wars Lamp

Star Wars Lamp
I wanted to include a lamp. but some of them, while pretty nice looking, are super complicated and hard to make.

This one is very easy. In fact, once you have the fabric all you need is an old lamp and some glue! Easy Star Wars Lamp

I hope you enjoyed these DIY Star Wars gifts and have fun making them!

Star Wars Crafts

LEGO Star Wars Designs

These Star Wars crafts are perfect for a little DIY time. They are very cool looking but easy to make. Fun!!


  1. Marie | DIY Adulation says

    Thanks so much for including my lamp in your round-up! Now, I definitely need to make that BB8 cord holder. That is awesome (and I can totally still pull that off before Christmas for stockings)! Thanks for all of the fantastic new craft ideas to make.

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