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Mother Son Date Ideas with a Learning Twist

Are you looking for some fun and exciting mother son date ideas with a learning twist for you and your boy?  Look no further.

I was thinking back on my favorite outings with my son and realized that many of them are learning experiences for both of us. Life is wonderful like that!

I created this list so all of us can remember some ideas that will help us in raising boys who love to learn.

Here are a dozen + mother son date ideas that have a learning twist. Raising boys who love to learn doesn't have to be hard. These ideas give you a perfect way to spend some time learning together with your boys. Spend time together and create special memories!

Mother Son Date Ideas

This article is focused on ideas that have a bit of learning involved. Life is learning. Learning is life. It isn’t hard to find opportunities for both of you to learn something new. Start with a few of these mother son date ideas and create some special memories.

  • Go to a book store. Yes, you could go to the library but I suggest taking a little bit of money and going to the book store to see if there is a book he would enjoy reading.  Try our book lists before you go, or just head out and browse. Then let him pick out a book – and you get one too!
  • Play video games with your boy.  Yup! I cannot tell you how much I learned, both about my son and about Minecraft, by playing with him.  (I even got my own account!)  Choose a game that matters to him, pull up a chair and let him teach you all about it. Having to teach someone is a great learning experience!
  • Build something together. If you have a maker space near you try visiting together. If not, see if there are some classes (here are some ideas) or just go to a home improvement store and get some wood and a few supplies.
  • Go to a music event. We have many opportunities around us to experience music and we don’t live in a very big place. Check google for “music” and “your city” to find out what is nearby.
  • See if you can find nightime bird watching near you (or go during the day.) The night hike is a special thing indeed and many boys like to go out at night to explore. Check your state parks department to see if they have any scheduled or try contacting an Audubon group in your area.
  • Go to another city. Pick something nearby and go for a little adventure. See new things. Maybe even stay overnight if you can swing it. You can plan your trip together.
  • Try fishing together. I have fished often with my son and we always have the best conversations over a fishing pole. You don’t have to have a boat! Fish off a dock or from the side of a lake. You can often borrow poles and tackle if you don’t already own them.
  • Is he into sports?  Offer to play a sport with him or take him to a local game. Let him tell you all about how to play or his favorite players.
  • Get your cameras out and go take some photographs of things that matter. Be sure that each of you snap a shot of each other and take a couple of cute shots of the two of you together.  Put your photos in a real live photo album or create a digital album online.
  • Go to a museum. There are so many choices! Try one neither of you have been to before or go back to an old favorite. Many museums are free or have free days.
  • Get adventurous and try rock climbing (real or on a rock wall,) tubing, paragliding, paintball, laser tag etc. Step out of your comfort zone!
  • Honor his interests. Take whatever your son is most interested in and find a way to make a day around it.  Arrange to meet with people who share the same interests and/or go somewhere special that he didn’t even know existed.  For example, my son is a huge LEGO fan so I took him to a LEGO exhibit. We both learned a lot and had a wonderful day together.

Focus your attention completely on your boy during these mother son dates. Leave the phone at home or in the car and just spend time together.

Life gets busy but we need to remember to create memories that will last. Just a few moments together doing something special that can make all the difference in your relationship with your boy.

There are, of course, many more ideas. What are yours? Share your favorite mother son date ideas by leaving a comment below. I can’t wait to hear what your favorites are!