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Baseball Math Books That Score a Home Run!

Does your boy live and breathe baseball?  These baseball math books will be perfect for him.

I have always said that sports is an easy way to slide some math in if a child is interested.

I personally, don’t suggest you force these things, but if they like baseball, “tossing” a few of these books around for them to pick up and look at can help you score some big points.

What an awesome way to learn math! Grab some of these baseball math books for you baseball fan! Tap to see the whole list.

Baseball Math Books

I will list suggested age level of the books just to give you an idea, where available, but keep in mind that you know your boy best so use that as a loose guideline when making your selections.

Let’s start out with a title for the youngest baseball fans which is a book about counting. This is a rhyming book that will count “balls, strikes, players, fans, and more, all the way to twenty.” The Baseball Counting Book is both cute and fun! Ages 3 – 6.

The Math of Baseball is a good choice for younger boys. They will discover how math plays a huge part in baseball and how different things are calculated. Ages 7 – 10

Baseball: Stats, Facts and Figures covers hitting, fielding and pitching and more, plus it shows kids how to calculate batting averages and how the stats in a box score work.  Age 8 – 12

Sports Illustrated Kids has a nice title out called Baseball Stats and the Stories Behind Them: What Every Fan Needs to Know.  When judging players and teams it all comes down to the stats and that is exactly what they cover in this book. Age 9 – 13

Learn all about math within the game of baseball in Baseball: The Math of the Game.  This is an interesting book with great full-color pictures. They offer plenty of info without overwhelming the reader. Ages 10 – 14.

Grandslam Activities and Projects for Grades 4-8 is a bit more textbook-like but it does include fun activities. While it has less appeal than some of the other books, it is worth a look if you are going to work with your boy. Ages 9 – 14

Fantasy Baseball Math will give you the chops you need to learn the math you will need to run your own baseball team in a fantasy baseball league. Ages 9 – 15

If you have an older child who lives and breaths baseball then try this one >> The Numbers Game: Baseball’s Lifelong Fascination with Statistics.

Fantasy Baseball and Math: A Resource Guide for Teachers and Parents takes a games and activities approach and has kids create a fantasy baseball league. This would be a fun idea for a homeschool coop, or for a summer project for kids who can’t get enough of the sport. Age 10+ but the book is geared toward adults helping kids.

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